HRW praises South Africa's Gaza initiative

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NEW YORK – On Thursday, the executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), Tirana Hassan, praised South Africa’s role in referring the Israeli genocide campaign in Gaza to the International Court of Justice, saying that the international community would be responsible for ensuring Israel’s compliance with any judicial decision, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

South Africa is providing important leadership here. It is really taking advantage of this important opportunity,” stated Hassan.

“If Israel does not comply with the court’s procedures or orders, then the international community will have to ensure that any possible pressure is exerted to push Israel towards actual implementation of the procedures,” she continued.

The HRW issued its global report on Thursday, which monitors violations worldwide. The organization accused Israel of using the starvation of civilians as a means of war in the Gaza Strip, which constitutes a war crime. Israel strongly denied this accusation.

“In the midst of this war, what we have witnessed are regular and flagrant violations of international humanitarian law,” Hassan said, “We have been able to document the elements of this crime… the crime of starvation.”

Hassan said that since the HRW documented and reported the starvation, Israel has not yet indicated in any way that it is abandoning this approach.

In the face of increasing international pressure, Israel lifted its complete blockade to allow more food and medicine into the sector, but relief agencies complain that this is insufficient.

“But we must talk about full and unrestricted access to humanitarian aid,” emphasized Hassan, “which includes food, fuel, and shelter.”

“We have not seen this level of unrestricted access to humanitarian aid,” she continued, “and this is what the HRW has called for.”

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