Jordan News is a multichannel English-language news organization based in Amman owned and managed by Jordan United Press.

We are a young professional group of editors and reporters committed to impartial journalism, equipped with the skills to create, edit and produce written and audiovisual content. Our goal is to reimagine how a newsroom functions in today’s digital age.

Jordan News’ channels comprise a daily newspaper, available from Sunday to Thursday, a mobile application, website and social media presence. Our newsroom will ensure that our readers are in the know all week long, whether they reside in the Kingdom, Middle East or overseas.

Readers will receive news tailored to their platform of choice. Both local and international stories will be curated with an emphasis on the principles of credibility, accuracy and objectivity.

Jordan News strives to redefine regional and global perceptions of media in the MENA region, while catering to audiences from all walks of life. Innovation has been the primary focus in our news process.

Our team of reporters ask the critical questions and through creative writing in print and online, we will offer readers content comparable in look and feel to major global media brands.

Good local content will be a feature across all our channels, as will the best of overseas content from major news sources including the New York Times, Reuters, the Daily Mail and Associated Press.

Our Opinion & Analysis articles will address a range of important local and international topics, which will inform, and reflect the cultural diversity in Jordan and abroad.