About Us
Jordan News, a multichannel news organization headquartered in Amman, Jordan, is proud to be under the guidance of the publisher Mohamed Alayyan.Jordan News is published by Jordan United Press.

As a dynamic group of young, professional journalists, our dedicated team operates with unflagging commitment to unbiased journalism. We stand equipped with an array of versatile skills that enable us to create, refine, and disseminate both written and multimedia content. With our sights set on revolutionizing the contemporary newsroom in the digital era, we pledge to serve the truth.

The diverse channels of Jordan News include a user-friendly mobile application, an informative website, and an interactive social media presence. We are devoted to ensuring that our audience, whether residing in Jordan, elsewhere in the Middle East, or overseas, stays informed seven days a week.

We promise to deliver content tailored to your preferred platform, expertly curating both local and international stories with a keen focus on maintaining credibility, accuracy, and objectivity.

At Jordan News, our mission is to reshape regional and international perceptions of media in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, while offering content that resonates with audiences from diverse backgrounds. We place innovation at the heart of our journalistic process.

Our dedicated reporters aren't afraid to ask hard-hitting questions. Through inventive online writing, we strive to present our readers with content that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with globally recognized media brands.

Promising locally focused content will be a standout feature across all our channels, supplemented by exceptional international content sourced from world-renowned news outlets such as the New York Times, Reuters, the Daily Mail, and the Associated Press.

Our thought-provoking Opinion & Analysis pieces will tackle a broad spectrum of critical local and international subjects, illuminating and celebrating the cultural diversity both within Jordan and globally. We strive to engage, inform, and reflect the myriad viewpoints of our readership.