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Today's Horoscopes

ARIES: Everyone sees the world differently so it’s important to respect others' opinions as you would like them to respect yours. Your acceptance and tolerance could be more evident as the week goes by but avoid being careless.

12 h ago | All

Is Little Amal getting lost in New York?

Parading down the middle of West 63rd Street on a recent afternoon, onlookers were following a giant puppet — a whole crowd trekking along behind Little Amal.

23 h ago | Odd & Bizarre
Opinion & Analysis

By Ruba Saqr

Child rights bill and the rabbit hole of information

Chasing after information to trace the legislative journey of the child rights bill has not been easy. Spending endless hours, online and on the phone, just to unearth the changes that have been made to the bill (throughout the different stages of the legislative process) is a reminder that both Parliament and government have a serious communication problem that needs tackling.

Sep 21,2022| Opinion

By Osama Al Sharif

Why a maritime deal with Israel may be good for Lebanon

In the midst of all the somber reports coming from Lebanon over the past few years, there is suddenly a chance for some good news that could alter the country’s current downward trajectory. Both Israel and Lebanon have sent signals that after years of intermittent indirect talks to define their maritime borders, a US-mediated offer could get the seal of approval from the two neighboring countries.

Sep 20,2022| Opinion
4. pRIX

Marquez takes first pole in three years at storm-hit Japanese MotoGP

Six-time MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez grabbed pole position for the first time in three years as he defied wild weather in qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix on Saturday.

15 h ago | Racing

11 countries to participate in Jordan Open Golf Championship

Eleven Arab and European countries have confirmed their participation in the Jordan Open Golf Championship, which will be held from October 20 to 22, at the Ayla Golf Course in Aqaba.

15 h ago | All

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