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Today's Horoscopes

ARIES: Your finances may be in the right place to give your special someone some extra affection or purchase an extravagant gift. Do things ethically and you can see rewards that could be shared with loved ones without guilt.

Sep 29,2023 | All

Pick up a book, put down the iPad

​The question "What should juniors be reading?" sparked significant interest among attendees at the 22nd Amman International Book Fair. In today's digital age, a new term has emerged in conversations among parents: "iPad kids." This term refers to children who are constantly immersed in their screens, seemingly disconnected from the world around them. For the age group ranging from 9 to 17, the book fair provides an excellent opportunity to engage children, tweens, and teens in reading and steer them away from the digital realm.

Sep 28,2023 | Books

Opinion & Analysis

By Osama Al Sharif

What Netanyahu got wrong in his UN speech!

​At 73, Benyamin Netanyahu, once the golden boy of the Israeli hard right, appears to have been stripped of his Midas touch. A sly orator, a populist manipulator, and a rabble-rouser, he has lost his flair for grandstanding.

Sep 26,2023| Opinion

By Hamzeh S. Al-Alayani

Enhancing bankability: strategies for lucrative PPPs

Jordan, through its investment environment laws and public-private partnerships (PPP), aims to build a sustainable economy based on knowledge, innovation, competitiveness, expertise, and diversity that aligns with the implementation of the economic modernization vision.

Sep 26,2023| Opinion
Yalla Jordan
The Ukrainian Film Days 2nd Edition

From Kyiv to Amman: Ukrainian film days return

​The Ukrainian Film Days are back for their 2nd Edition, promising a cinematic extravaganza that explores the rich tapestry of Ukrainian cinema. Taking place from Monday, September 25, to Thursday, September 28, 2023, at 8p.m., this event will be held at The Royal Film Commission – Jordan, specifically at the captivating Outdoor Amphitheater in the First Circle of Jabal Amman. The best part? Entry is absolutely free!

Sep 25,2023 | Around Jordan
Read and Write with Natasha

The intricate world of Arabic children's literature

In this episode, Egyptian children's author Miranda Beshara talks about her transition from finance to storytelling. Miranda is the co-founder of Hadi Badi Children & YA Lit in Arabic.

Sep 21,2023 | Podcasts

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