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Today's Horoscopes

ARIES: Don’t overdo something just because you might want to show up someone else. That’s an unhelpful motivation and going overboard won’t help anyway. There is no reason to hide your talents. If you start new projects, be sure to fulfill them as promised.

Jan 30,2023 | All

How to tell the difference between regular distraction and ADHD

Do you: Cut the tags out of your clothes? Relive (and regret) past conversations? Have episodes of burnout and fatigue? Zone out while someone is talking? Become hyper-focused while working on a project? Take on dozens of hobbies? Daydream? Forget things?

Jan 29,2023 | Health
Opinion & Analysis

By Yusuf Mansur

Jordan’s aid streams are drying up. Where do we go now?

Since its inception, Jordan has been an aid beneficiary country. Yet aid ebbs and flows — it is never steady or secure enough to enable forward planning or strategic thinking. What is more, for several decades now, the government has relegated funding for capital expenditures (spending on projects that enhance productivity and invest in the future of the country) to foreign aid. Some aid sources seem to be drying up, leaving us to question: Where do we go now?

Jan 28,2023| Opinion

By Ross Douthat, New York Times

The US has made a coldly logical decision in Ukraine. So has Russia

​When the Ukrainian military made rapid advances in its autumn campaign, the fears of Russian nuclear retaliation were connected to a long-standing American interpretation of Russian strategic theory: “escalate to de-escalate”, the idea of using a limited nuclear strike to raise the stakes of conflict so high that your enemies see no choice but to bargain, regardless of their conventional advantages.

Jan 27,2023| Opinion
BASKETBALL Jordan Basketball Federation

Sports Saturdays with Khaled: Jordanian referees get int’l certification

Welcome to another week of Sports Saturdays, where we wrap up the week in terms of local sports for you. This week we have Jordanian referees getting their international badges, the Asia Football Cup, youth basketball, and rugby.

Jan 21,2023 | Local Sports

Sports Saturdays with Khaled: Jordanian assigned new ISSF secretary-general

We are rounding up this week with a loss, a win, and an exciting announcement. From local leagues to international tournaments, here is what you need to know.

Jan 14,2023 | Local Sports

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