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For general inquiries please contact us at +96265544025

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To submit a press release or advise of a story, email us at

Contacting our journalists

Individual staff members can be contacted using the email,

In the event your email is returned to you as undeliverable, please contact us on +96265544025.

Letters to the editor

Email Follow the link for rules and regulations on letter submission.

Sending confidential news tips

We offer several methods to confidentially send information to us. Read our secure contact page for further details.

Photo sales and front pages

You can purchase individual, hard copy prints of photos and front pages for personal use. For more information, please call +96265544025, or email

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You must have a licence to use, reproduce or republish Jordan News content, including for blogs, websites, newspapers, journals, or books. Content from Jordan News can be licensed through content.licensing@jordannews.joIf you have further questions, contact content licensing on +96265544025., or email

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Information on advertising on the Jordan News website can be found here.

The Jordan Press Association

Jordan News is bound by the Standards of Practice of the Jordan Press Association. If you believe the standards may have been breached, you can contact Jordan News directly or approach the Association by calling +962065372005.

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