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October 16 2021 9:54 AM ˚

Sharing confidential information with Jordan News

What makes a good news tip?

To turn your tip into a story:

  • It needs to be based on fact and be verifiable by a credible source.
  • It must be backed by some form of evidence whether that is a document(s) or witnesses. In the event that such evidence is not in your possession, it must exist somewhere and be accessible to Jordan News.
  • The issue must be newsworthy with an actual real-life impact that spans a reasonably large segment of society or group of people.

To submit feedback on our journalism, story ideas, news releases, or for other general correspondence, visit our contact us page.

What happens after you submit a tip?

The Jordan News team actively goes through tip submission but cannot guarantee that each and every tip will be acknowledged. Information submitted will only be accessible to our editors and reporters and will under no circumstance be revealed to third parties.

How to get started?

If you are not concerned about confidentiality, please contact us using the following information:

Email: [email protected] Phone: +96265544025 You may also reach Jordan News through our official social media accounts. On occasion, our reporters may contact for you to contact them in regard to non-confidential information pertaining to a certain story or event.

Sending physical material

Sending papers, USB drives, or other physical media by mail can be a reasonably secure way to provide us with information. If you are worried about mail being intercepted or getting lost in transit, you can drop it in person at our street address.

Protecting your identity

Some tips to further protect your identity:

  • Do not use your primary personal accounts to submit tips, but rather create new accounts to keep your identity anonymous.
  • Delete your browsing history and other activity that could be traced back to you.
  • Do not email, call or contact Jordan News via social media.
  • Do not inform those around you of your intentions to disclose the information in question.