Ministry of Education to be renamed - Khasawneh

ministry of education
Ministry of Education. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh revealed that the government is in the final stages of changing the name of the Ministry of Education.اضافة اعلان

During the closing session of the "Year of Reform" government forum, attended by His Majesty King Abdullah II on Saturday, Khasawneh stated that it will become the Ministry of Education and Human Resources (التربية والموارد البشرية), replacing the Ministry of Education (التربية والتعليم), Saraya News reported.

He explained that this change reflects the comprehensive development of the entire educational system, running parallel to the comprehensive education sector reform program. This program starts with preschool stages, then schools, followed by higher education. It moves away from stagnant specializations and transitions towards professional and technical fields, in addition to non-stagnant academic disciplines that provide greater employment and career prospects.

Civil service reforms
He confirmed that in the current year, no more applications will be accepted in the Civil Service Bureau's registry, and the Bureau's current form will conclude. It will be replaced by a Civil Service Commission and a General Administration at the beginning of the coming year. This new structure will serve as a regulatory and administrative body for human resources.

He stated that appointments will become decentralized, with ministries appointing their employees. The Commission will ensure that appointees meet governance, competence, merit, and eligibility criteria for non-centralized positions.

The Prime Minister further explained that starting from the previous year, appointments will begin at a rate of 40 percent through competitive selection from outside the registry. This will lead to completely phasing out the registry within 3 years through their employment.

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