Israel monitors Arab territories using advanced balloon — media reports

Israeli army Air balloon Surveillance
(Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — According to Hebrew media sources, Israeli army uses a highly advanced air balloon in the Lake Tiberias area to surveil any aircrafts passing its borders. اضافة اعلان

The balloon has been described as the biggest balloon ever made with a length of 17m, weighing several tonnes, and equipped with special cameras, computers, and radars, Ammon News reported.

Ynet News stated that the transfers and launch of the balloon was not simple, and is one of the most complex logistical operations known to the Israeli Airforce. The balloon was dismantled and assembled and inflated by American teams that arrived in Israel to oversee its operations.

The balloon is said to be located parallel to the border triangle with Syria and Jordan and is said to monitor the land with distances up to hundreds of kilometers.

In addition to an older balloon that protects the reactor in Dimona, this new balloon can detect long-range missiles and drones launched from Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, the newspaper explained. 

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