Young entrepreneur revolutionizes school bus management with ‘Ba9i’ app

Adnan Al-Tahat
Adnan Al-Tahat. (Photo: Handout)
Adnan Al-Tahat, a mechanical engineering graduate from the German Jordanian University, has developed the "Ba9i" (pronounced as "Bssee"), a whimsical name for what translates to "My Bus" application. This innovative system aims to optimize school bus management and streamline bus routes. Given the challenges parents and students frequently encounter with bus arrival times, especially in adverse weather conditions, Tahat's application has proven to be a game-changer, saving between 20 to 25 minutes of travel time per route daily.اضافة اعلان

Irregularities in bus schedules have sometimes led to students missing school, as they typically spend 70 to 80 minutes on buses. Tahat told Jordan News that this project aims to bring order to this process, benefiting both schools and parents and ensuring students arrive punctually.

The system simplifies bus routes and waiting times for students who may be running late, resulting in significant time savings during the routes. Initially focused on private schools, the project has plans to expand to government school transportation, organizing and obtaining the necessary licenses for their operations.

The application standout: safety
The application's standout feature is its safety aspect, providing real-time information on the bus's speed and route tracking. Furthermore, Ba9i also alerts the school administrators about speed violations along with any route deviations.

Tahat’s inspiration for this application arose from his own experiences as a student, where he faced challenges related to bus waiting times and schedule disruptions, especially during early mornings. This led to the idea of creating an application to reduce inconveniences and save time for students and parents.

A game changer for working parents
The result is a win-win, particularly for working parents who need to organize their schedules. Meanwhile, it benefits schools by saving time, effort, and money on effectively managing the bus fleet management

Juman Hjazi, a parent who has benefited from Ba9i expressed to Jordan News that it has made school routes more efficient, reducing waiting times, which is especially crucial for working mothers dealing with challenging weather conditions. She also highlighted how it simplifies the task of the responsible teacher in charge of contacting all parents to inform them of the bus's arrival.

Hijazi also commended the apps founders, being young, and able to sympathize with parents in finding a solution.

Receiving support from the GJU and Jordan River Foundation, both partners provided software and guidance on project management and market entry. Now, Ba9i has been tested with several schools, and so far, has received positive feedback.

Looking ahead, the focus will be on further technological enhancements tailored to the specific needs of each school, along with adopting best practices in organizing school routes.

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