Amended Traffic Law to take effect on Tuesday, what you need to know

Amman Traffic red light
(Photos: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — On Tuesday, September 12, The Amended Traffic Law No. 18 of 2023 will come into effect, marking 30 days since its publication in the Official Gazette and the subsequent completion of all requisite constitutional procedures.اضافة اعلان

The enactment of this law is aligned with other newly passed regulations, including the Cybercrime Law, and aims to address the escalating issue of road safety in Jordan, Jordan News Agency, Petra reported.

Under the law, a High Council for Traffic Safety will be formed to approve the national strategy for traffic safety and its implementation plan. It will unify the efforts of all relevant authorities in traffic safety and transportation.

The amended law defines a traffic accident as an unintentional incident, with deliberate accidents not considered traffic accidents for the purposes of the Traffic Law.

Increased fines
The penalties for using a handheld mobile phone while driving have been increased, with the fine now set at JD50 instead of JD15.

Running a red light can result in imprisonment for one to two months and a fine ranging from JD200 to JD300. In case of repeated violations within a year, the penalty is doubled.

Violations for driving while exceeding the speed limit by more than 50km include imprisonment for one to three months and a fine of JD100, with the fine doubled for repeated violations within a year.

The law also addresses processions and parades on the roads with fines ranging from JD50 to JD100 for violations, compared to the previous JD30.

Additional violations include unauthorized driving, using a mobile phone while behind the wheel, and driving recklessly.

New fines and violations
The law also grants public security personnel the authority to conduct alcohol and drug tests in cases of driver detention.

Public transportation drivers who smoke while driving may be fined JD10, and the same fine applies if they allow passengers to smoke in the vehicle.

One update includes the fine for not wearing seat belts, a measure that is believed  to reduce the incidence of fatalities and injuries by a minimum of 50 percent.

Motorists will now not face legal consequences for hitting a pedestrian crossing at a designated crossing area. This decision is also accompanied by an update of the Kingdom’s pedestrian infrastructure.

Phases of the plan
The Director of the Highway Patrols Department spoke to Al-Mamlaka TV about the implementation plan for the Traffic Law.

As part of this plan they intend to review some instructions and principles of vehicle impoundment based on Article 24 of the amended law. The government will also conduct workshops and intensive lectures for personnel to ensure the proper enforcement of the law and to provide training on communication skills and dealing with the public.

There is also a technical aspect to the plan incorporating all the amendments into the existing traffic regulations in the Licensing Department and the Greater Amman Municipality to align them with the amended Traffic Law.

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