Hiking with heart: a mom’s journey on the trails

Hadeel Dawwas
​Hadeel Dawwas. (Photos: Handout)
Hadeel Dawwas, a mother who conquers the trails with her little ones, told Jordan News “My first trip to South Africa was my first experience without my family and played a significant role in shaping my current path. This adventure had a profound impact on my life and guided me to where I am now.”اضافة اعلان

She added, “South Africa proved to be an exceptional choice for my first hike, as was suggested by my father. When I went back to Jordan, I began my quest to find and explore trails in Jordan, as I’ve always believed that we have some spectacular trails here”

Hiking with a home
In 2012, Dawwas went on her first hike in Jordan in Wadi Hammad.

But hiking in Jordan was not as simple as when she was on holiday, “balancing hiking with me being a mom and a wife was my biggest fear. It was so challenging and completely chaotic. But taking my kids on hikes and creating unforgettable memories together always brought me such comfort.

One of her favorite memories was actually something that happened without her. She left their tent to grab some things from her car, and when she returned, she said, “I was surprised that my son turned on the lantern and started reading a story to his little sister to calm her down. She was afraid because she woke up and did not find me by her side. It was such a heart-warming moment that made me feel like I was doing a great job as a parent. These precious moments truly make being a mom so rewarding. “

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Finding and giving support“I have always got support from my family friends and the local community which gave me a continuous push to go forward with my dreams, so I established a travel agency, and I named it Travel for Peace. At Travel for Peace, we do community activities in the countries we go to which elevate the cultural awareness about Jordan.”

She continued “one of our biggest aims is to support and encourage mothers to travel with their kids.”

Understanding safety
However, when it comes to hiking with children, Dawwas stressed the importance of safety measures on hikes, and especially with children, “I always bring a first aid box and I have First Aid Certification.” She also stressed the importance of others knowing when and where one hikes. As there is often no signal there is usually no way for others to know if you are in danger. Telling a loved one where you intend to go means that emergency measures can be taken more surely and directly.

Dawwas added “One of the challenges I face in hiking in Jordan is that we don’t have self-guided trails. Each time I go for a hike, I have to take a guide from the locals mostly. I always tell the mothers that want to go for a hike with their kids to make sure to go with a certified group, which would take all the necessary safety precautions.”

Dawwas’ advice for mothers hiking with children
Don’t go for long hikes or hikes that require swimming, often times these hikes are too difficult for children, and it would be taxing to try to entertain children for those distances.

On the topic of entertainment, she says “I always advise moms to take some toys that their kids love, to keep them entertained.

Hiking’s impact on children and communities
Each time Dawwas encourages moms to hike with their children she stresses the impact of these hikes on her kids, through the discipline they learned, and the connection between them and nature, “especially when so many children are addicted to screens and the iPad”

She said, “One of the things they most learned to appreciate and love is our country, particularly after seeing the amazing views and nature that we have here.”

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Dawwas added, “for me, hiking represents the suffering and sacrifices of the mothers out there and shows the whole world the journey we go through every single day with our kids.”

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