‘Tourism Zone’: Jordan’s eco-friendly building for enhancing tourism sites

Nidal Malo Al-Ein, co-chairman of 100 Jordan Ltd Co
Co-chairman of 100 Jordan Ltd. Co, Nidal Malo Al-Ein. (Photos: Handout)
Nidal Malo Al-Ein, co-chairman of 100 Jordan Ltd. Co., has unveiled the ambitious "Tourism Zone'' project, presenting a compelling vision for transforming tourism sites and services in Jordan. This innovative initiative introduces prefabricated metal buildings built to global standards, with a mission that goes beyond mere construction—it aims to address a multitude of challenges while seizing opportunities for growth.اضافة اعلان

Revitalize tourist destinationsAt its core, the project seeks to revitalize tourist destinations, providing a significant boost to the tourism sector, which, in turn, can contribute to overall economic growth. The ready-made structures offer more than just a solution; they serve as catalysts for development and rejuvenation. Importantly, these buildings are designed to enhance the experiences of both local and international tourists, promising an extended and enriched stay.

Beyond a construction project
But "Tourism Zone" goes beyond being a construction project; it embodies a community-focused approach. It aspires to create job opportunities within local communities by providing essential services, public facilities, and a diverse range of dining options. Moreover, it acts as a platform for local artisans to showcase their crafts, arts, and culinary delights, empowering women within these communities.

One of the key features of this project is its potential to stimulate economic activities in these areas and attract investors interested in diverse ventures. Its objectives encompass infrastructural enhancements, the provision of a wide range of services, and the introduction of easily transportable eco-friendly buildings, which, in turn, generate both direct and indirect employment opportunities.

In an unprecedented move, 100 Jordan has already presented the "Mokawer" project as a gift to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. This innovative approach allows the government to establish unconventional capital projects that can generate revenue for the state treasury.

AdvancingIn essence, "Tourism Zone" embodies a grand vision that resonates with 100 Jordan's commitment to advancing the tourism sector and bolstering the local economy through sustainable and innovative solutions. It represents not just progress but a journey towards transformation and prosperity.

Ein, CEO of 100 Jordan, underlined the crucial role these buildings play in resolving the challenge of constructing facilities in tourist areas, significantly enhancing their appeal to visitors and tourists. The shortage of amenities and services in these regions poses a significant hurdle that this project aims to overcome.

He emphasized that this project should be meticulously examined and managed by the Prime Minister's office, underscoring the need for substantial support and effective coordination from relevant authorities. Simplifying bureaucratic procedures is imperative to attract more foreign investments, thus removing obstacles faced by investors.

Furthermore, he highlighted that this initiative presents an opportunity to rejuvenate underserved and remote areas, particularly due to the environmentally friendly nature of the products (buildings) involved. These structures seamlessly blend with the natural landscape, adhering to UNESCO requirements and international standards.

He also noted that His Majesty King Abdullah advocates collaboration between the public and private sectors for the benefit of Jordan, with a particular focus on promoting tourism and investment. It's important to clarify that this project is a national endeavor and does not represent any specific individual or company.

Products offered aimed at enhancing tourist sites and their infrastructure
The products offered by 100 Jordan are specialized for the tourism and tourism services sector, aimed at enhancing tourist sites and their infrastructure. These comprehensive building solutions enable the delivery of a wide range of tourism services, making these sites more appealing to both domestic and foreign tourists. This strategic approach aims to prolong tourists' stays, diversify tourism programs, and create a distinctive and memorable tourist experience.

These products are thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the geographic features and overall landscape of the region. They are easy to transport, develop, and expand. They adhere to high manufacturing standards (GMP), guaranteeing compliance with good manufacturing practices, public safety, earthquake resistance, and adaptability to various weather conditions. Their ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness further enhance their attractiveness.

Additionally, these environmentally friendly products are pre-manufactured and easily transportable, reducing the need for extensive construction, excavation, or environmental disruption. The production materials and components are eco-friendly, and they can even be powered by solar energy. Surrounding areas can be landscaped with local flora to complement the appeal of the tourist area or building location.

This innovative industry combines elements of containers, caravans, and steel to create a new generation of mobile and transportable steel structures, essentially pre-equipped buildings.

It's noteworthy that 100 Jordan has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and GMP certifications, affirming that its products meet the highest international standards and specifications.

The "Tourism Zone" project stands as an ambitious initiative aimed at addressing the challenge of constructing facilities in tourist areas while simultaneously promoting investment and tourism in Jordan. The products offered by 100 Jordan are distinguished by their quality and eco-friendliness, contributing to a unique and sustainable tourism experience. These transportable, pre-equipped buildings offer a remarkable opportunity to revitalize remote areas and demonstrate a steadfast commitment to sustainability and environmental solutions in the tourism sector.

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