US report on state of human rights in Jordan reveals violations

(Photo: US State Department Website)
AMMAN — A report on the state of human rights in Jordan for the year 2021, issued by the US State Department on Tuesday, has revealed several human rights violations.اضافة اعلان

Among those mentioned in the extensive report are: cases of torture, humiliation, and punitive treatment in government centers, arbitrary arrests, arrests of political prisoners, severe restrictions on freedom of expression and the media, including censorship laws which, it said, the authorities had used to restrict criticism of public officials and to restrict public discussion, as well as gag orders issued by the public prosecutor.

The report also mentioned severe restrictions on internet freedom, extensive interference in peaceful assembly, or restricting freedom of assembly, including laws restricting the right to form associations, and the absence of investigation and accountability for gender-based violence.

Founder and Director of the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists Nidal Mansour told Jordan News that he agrees with parts of the reports, which document violations of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

He added that the report should concern the government, which should also pay attention to national reports issued by civil society organizations; these, Mansour said, can serve as a point of reference for the government, which can use them “to correct wrongdoings and dysfunctional policies and set plans that allow it to move forward in improving the status of human rights”.

“The government should be keen on protecting human rights irrespective of whether the US State Department issued a report,” he said, expressing hope that improvements will occur and stressing that “Jordan has an opportunity to turn challenges into success stories”.

“Jordan is transitioning to democracy, and with the right effort and political determination, it can become a country that fully respects human rights,” Mansour said.

Commissioner-General of the National Center for Human Rights Alaa Armouti told Jordan News that he agrees with the part of the report that talks about violations of freedom of speech and press freedom, refuting accusations that there is mistreatment in prisons.

He conceded however that “it could happen at temporary detention centers since there is lack of supervision”.

He added that the report should push the government to address the “alleged violations” and improve the human rights situation in Jordan, adding that “such reports could impact other countries’ positions on and perceptions of Jordan, especially when it comes to providing grants and aid”.

“Good governance and political pragmatism dictate that such reports should be given due consideration,” Armouti stressed.

The government did not issue an official comment about the report.

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