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(Photo: Dana Al-Zyadat, Jordan News)
AMMAN—The Hussein Technical University (HTU) hosted the "HTUx 2033 Conference: Accelerated Paths for the Future of Learning and Work" to launch three initiatives for the HTUX.ORG platform, which is considered the first of its kind in the Arab world. Developed by the HTU Digital Learning Center, HTUX.ORG is an Arabic digital learning platform.اضافة اعلان

The conference saw broad participation from the university's partners, guests from both the private and public sectors, academics, university presidents, school principals, students, and young graduates.

Highlights of the conference included a panel discussion on the future of learning and work featuring the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Azmi Mahafzah, the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Ahmed Al-Hanandeh, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Crown Prince Foundation, Eng. Ghassan Nuqul, along with the university's president, Dr. Ismael Al-Hneiti.

During the event, three initiatives were announced as part of HTUX.ORG's contribution to providing accelerated pathways for the future of learning and work. The first initiative announced the provision of 4,000 free "Growth" opportunities for Jordanian youth, including graduates and final-year university students, to facilitate positive career changes through six-month accelerated learning paths offered via HTUX.ORG. Notably, the Growth initiative is one of the initiatives of the Abdullah Al-Ghurair Foundation, launched last year in Jordan, Tunisia, and Lebanon, and is being implemented in Jordan by HTUX.ORG in partnership with the Abdullah Al-Ghurair Foundation and the Crown Prince Foundation.

Additionally, three free opportunities were offered to one hundred Jordanian schools, allowing a total of 300 school students to undergo a robotics engineering course through HTUX.ORG. This will equip their schools to participate in the school stage of the annual National Sumo Robots Challenge held at the HTU.

Furthermore, a mechanism was announced for Jordanian schools to join an initiative allowing all their secondary stage students to enroll in an accelerated learning pathway on HTUX.ORG to learn Python programming language and apply it on the Replit platform, "Python Power-Up: Mastering Coding with Replit's Magic." 20 students who excel in the entrance exams at the HTU to assess their proficiency in programming and computing basics will have the opportunity to secure a university seat. It is worth mentioning that HTUX.ORG developed this pathway in partnership with Replit, founded and managed by the Jordanian entrepreneur Amjad Masad in Silicon Valley, USA.

During the event, Dr. Ismael Al-Hneiti, President of the HTU, expressed the groundbreaking step taken by HTUX.ORG, stating: "This platform represents a qualitative leap in the future of learning. It embodies the university's commitment to providing innovative, flexible, and easily accessible learning opportunities for Arab youth, preparing them with essential skills for today's competitive job market."

Rami Al-Karmi, Director of the Digital Learning Center, delivered a presentation on HTUX.ORG, a pioneering digital learning platform offering innovative and accelerated educational pathways lasting six months, aiming to empower and employ Arab youth. Developed at HTU's Digital Learning Center, the platform utilizes a unique learning philosophy and model aimed at leading a radical transformation in the educational landscape. It targets over 100 million young people in our Arab world, providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by integrating digital learning models and offering and adopting specialized mini-educational and training units in various engineering and technology fields, all in the spoken Levantine dialect. The platform assembles these educational and training mini units to form each accelerated educational pathway, presenting them within a community interaction model that promotes skill development, leadership, and creativity, integrating them with "learning-through-play" activities, and reinforcing the educational value provided to the platform beneficiaries by employing partnerships between the HTU, industry, and the job market, thus supporting the main goal behind the platform's creation.

Al-Hneiti emphasized that presenting the pathways by mixing the spoken Levantine dialect with keeping the terminology in English removes barriers for many Arab youth, facilitates access, enhances inclusivity, and meets their educational and employment needs.

The launch event of the HTUX.ORG initiatives during the "HTUX 2033 Conference: Accelerated Paths for the Future of Learning and Work" demonstrates the university's genuine commitment to revolutionizing flexible learning and employment opportunities for Arab youth.

"Today marks the beginning of a future journey, where learning meets job opportunities, empowering Arab youth to choose paths that meet their desires and aspirations," Hneiti concluded.

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