Some Jordanians complain of app suspension during Tawjihi exams

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Some Jordanians lashed out at the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) for disabling some social media applications in areas close to schools hosting the Tawjihi exams.اضافة اعلان

TRC said blocking some apps was temporary during the exams, which began on June 30, to prevent cheating.

“During Tawjihi exams, the WhatsApp and other applications are disabled,” said online store owner Mahmoud Anwar, whose shop is in the vicinity of a Tawjihi exam center.

“This negatively affects our work, which depends entirely on the Internet,” he said. He explained that some customers who come to his shop, but are unable to communicate through some applications forces them to take their business elsewhere.

But other Jordanians said they did not feel the impact of the service blockage, since it is usually brief.

Khaled Sameh, a clerk at an electronics store near another Tawjihi exam center, said business is as usual. “We were not affected,” he said.

Engineer Zaid Al-Qadi, TRC’s director of beneficiary affairs, said disabling some applications was a decision by the Ministry of Education to “protect the exam from any violation”.

“Some services are disabled only for 90 minutes, starting at the beginning of the exam,” he told Jordan News.

He said the service’s temporary suspension applied only to mobile phone users, but not other services, such as home internet.

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