Tawjihi students say exams bear heavy psychological burden

Tawjihi students celebrate in this undated photo. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Tawjihi receives special attention from the educational system, teachers, and parents, but students bear the heaviest burden throughout the process, which determines their post-school future.اضافة اعلان

Paying attention to the psychological and health aspect is no less important than paying attention to the academic aspect of the Tawjihi, argued some students who started their exams in the current semester on June 30.

Tawjihi student Amr Al-Masadeh said “I was optimistic, but the Arabic test affected me psychologically to the extent that I cannot overcome it to focus on the next test.”

He maintained that his family supported him from the beginning by creating a “suitable atmosphere” for him to study and concentrate well, which helped him to deal with the challenges of studying.

Khaled Al-Seyyahien, another Tawjihi student, said students need a larger time gap between test to allow them more time to study. “Now we need good time duration between test because the situation now does not commensurate with the scope and difficulty of the material,” he said.

He explained that external factors affect students and their need to focus during studying time. He said such factors include street noise coming from vehicles selling gas, which play irritating and distracting music through loud speakers as well as other street vendors.

Ahmad Al-Masaadeh, spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, told Jordan News that the ministry has published tips and instructions to the Tawjihi students, such as going to the exam site a half-hour earlier so as not to feel rushed or anxious. Others include slowly and cautiously answering exam questions.

“We also advise students to sleep sufficiently the night before a test, to review exam questions from previous years, to organize one’s self during the exam by starting to answer the easy questions and gradually move to what they consider as tougher ones,” he said.

Ali Mohammad, an educational counsellor at a private school, said that to prepare students psychologically, schools must make their exams, which come prior to the ones conducted by the ministry, closer to the government-run examinations.

He said that preparatory and guidance sessions are important for the Tawjihi students before the start of examination to prepare them to what to expect.

Clinical psychologist Laurice Khoury pointed out that the tension and anxiety accompanying this stage is natural because it is a fateful stage, which requires focusing on the exam, and avoid thinking of what will follow.

“I recommend eating healthy foods and not eating and studying at the same time, paying attention to the quality of meals, which would affect student’s focus and memory,” she said. She also recommended “enough sleep and rest.”

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