Rise in domestic violence caused by economic woes

Department of Family and Juvenile Protection
The Department of Family and Juvenile Protection in Amman. (Photo: Facebook)
AMMAN — A woman suddenly disappeared in the northern city of Irbid. Police received a missing report and began investigating.

Information collected pointed to the husband being the primary suspect. When detained for questioning, he confessed to having beaten his wife to death following an argument, according to police.اضافة اعلان

He moved the body to a deserted area, where he buried her.

The news drew widespread resentment on social media, where people urged the government to put an end to domestic violence by toughening penalties on the perpetrators of such crimes.

Retired police Brig. Gen. Hashem Al-Majali, told Jordan News that “some people are going through force majeure conditions imposed on them by the economic, social, and labor conditions.”

“The addiction of the head of the family to narcotics, alcohol, and gambling will inevitably lead to negative verbal or criminal behavior,” he said. “Family members must find a way to treat them, or protect themselves by seeking help from the concerned authorities.”

He said family members must opt for help before “crimes occur”.

Majali said the Family Protection Centers “receive any observations or complaints in a confidential and undeclared manner, and with their powers, they can limit and treat many family crises and problems in a friendly and peaceful way, thus limiting the occurrence of crimes and family disintegration.”

Sociologist Hussain Al-Khuzaie told Jordan News that having more time at home due to the curfews and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may have led to the increase in domestic violence.

But he added that domestic violence was prevalent. “It is the result of the economic difficulties, which sparked a rise in unemployment and poverty, especially during the pandemic”, he explained.

Khuzaie called for “empathizing with those who commit domestic violence because they are the victims of difficult circumstances”.

“There must be plans and programs that contribute to improving the economic situation and creating job opportunities, which will ultimately reduce the poverty rates,” he said.

He added: “Those who feel the need to go to a psychiatrist due to the fact that they pass through bad conditions should do so immediately. Visiting a psychiatrist is never a shame, it will help people to improve their life by dealing with the circumstances they are going through.”

Domestic violence increased from 41,221 cases in the year 2018 to 54,743 cases in 2020, with 58.7 percent of these cases subjected to physical violence and 34 percent to sexual violence, according to the Department of Family and Juvenile Protection.

According to the statistics, most victims of violence are females, primarily the wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, or children in general.

Violence is mostly committed for reasons of discrimination based on gender and age. The Yearbook of the Department of Family and Juvenile Protection 2020 said that 2.4 percent among the cases of domestic violence reported to the institution were sons against their mothers, while the majority, or 82 percent were husbands against their wives. 

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