More than 19,000 displaced people in Lebanon due to border clashes

(Photo: Twitter/X)
BEIRUT – 19,646 people have been displaced in Lebanon due to the military clashes between Hezbollah and Israel in the border region, coinciding with the war on the Gaza Strip, according to the United Nations International Organization for Migration on Monday.اضافة اعلان

Regional spokesperson for the organization, Mohammad Ali Abu Al-Naja, told AFP, that the number was expected to increase if the situation continues or escalates further.

Most of the displaced, according to Abu Al-Naja, have joined their families, while others have sought refuge in three schools turned into shelters in the southern city of Tyre.

A reporter for AFP reported three schools crowded with displaced persons in Tyre, where local authorities are working to open a new shelter, after more than 400 people arrived in the last two weeks.

Abu Al-Naja warned that "amid the economic deterioration and the high rate of poverty (...) in Lebanon, displacement may further strain the resources of host communities."

He said, "The health sector is facing a severe shortage of resources, including medicines (...) as well as doctors and nurses who have left the country due to the economic crisis," adding, "In this context, the response to wide-scale displacement (...) may disrupt an already fragile health system."

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