Thousands of Jordanians apply for UK electronic entry visa

(File photo: Jordan News)
ِAMMAN — The Independent Arabia reported a significant surge in demand for electronic entry visas to the UK, particularly among Jordanians seeking work and stability. The report highlighted that the eagerness of Jordanians for this visa surpassed expectations.اضافة اعلان

The report noted that since February 1st, thousands of Jordanians have found relief in this step, especially those looking for work and stability in the UK. Jordanians can apply online and obtain a two-year visit visa to British territories for only JD8, within three days, Khaberni reported.

The British Embassy in Amman stated that Jordan's inclusion in the list of beneficiaries of this visa translates the close relations between London and Amman, encouraging tourism and investment. However, observers expect London to backtrack on this decision if large numbers violate the strict conditions and instructions.

Despite the increased cost of the visa by travel agencies, this has not prevented Jordanians from obtaining the visa, which has not yet come into effect. Most young Jordanians want to travel in search of work, despite this being against the conditions, under a strict and complex residency system in British territories.

According to the Jordanian embassy in London, around 3,000 Jordanians are registered, mostly students. The British Medical Council (GMC) reported an increase in the migration of Jordanian doctors to Britain, with a 470 percent increase. Jordanian doctors rank fourth globally and first among Arabs in visiting doctors to Britain, with 427 visiting doctors.

Furthermore, the British Embassy in Amman mentioned that the system allows all Jordanians to apply for permission to travel to the UK for short visits from February 22, making travel easier and cheaper, strengthening ties between London and Amman, and promoting tourism, investment, and cultural exchange.

Regarding concerns about the influx of illegal labor into the UK, the embassy stated that the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) visa allows individuals to travel to the UK, but upon arrival, they still need permission from employees or use an electronic portal based on their answers to a set of questions.

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