British Embassy explains details of Jordanian travel without visa

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AMMAN — The British Embassy in Amman recently announced the inclusion of Jordan in the UK’s new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, set to be implemented from 2024.اضافة اعلان

Starting February 22, 2024, Jordanian travelers will no longer require a visa to visit the UK, instead relying solely on the ETA. However, those traveling before this date will still need to obtain a visa.

According to AmmanNet, the new system aims to simplify and reduce the cost of travel for Jordanians visiting the UK. This move is expected to enhance the bilateral ties between the two countries, benefiting trade, education, culture, and various other aspects.

Here are some other details:

Jordan is among the first countries to be included in the initial phase of the ETA system, alongside Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The program will be expanded globally throughout 2024.

ETA application process and benefits
Jordanian visitors will be required to obtain an ETA to travel to the UK, starting from February 22, 2024. However, applications can be submitted in advance starting from February 1, 2024.
Applying for an ETA in advance will ensure a smooth and efficient travel experience.

The application process will be digital, primarily through a mobile application, with prompt decisions on requests.

The cost of an ETA will be £10, and it will allow multiple visits to the UK within a two-year validity period. Before February 22, 2024, a visa application will still be necessary for travel to the UK.

Streamlined application process and quick responses
The ETA application process is designed to be straightforward and swift. Most applicants will receive a response within three working days, and some will even receive an expedited result.

To apply for an ETA, individuals can use the "ETA UK App" or search for "Apply for ETA to travel to the UK" on GOV.UK. The process requires fee payment, contact details, passport information, a valid photo adhering to specific digital photo rules, and answering a set of questions.

The ETA system allows every Jordanian citizen to apply for permission to travel to the UK for short visits, making the process more accessible for the entire Jordanian population.

Strengthening bilateral relations
The decision to include Jordan alongside Gulf countries is aimed at leveraging the talents of Jordanian citizens and fostering a prosperous and secure future. Jordan is considered a beacon of stability, moderation, and tolerance in the Middle East, making it an important partner for Britain.

The UK values its relationship with Jordan and recognizes the significance of facilitating travel to strengthen ties, promote tourism, create job opportunities, and stimulate economic growth.

No cause for concern over illegal labor influx
The ETA system does not bypass the requirement for individuals to seek permission upon arrival in the UK. Visitors will still need to obtain entry clearance from border force officers or use electronic gates if eligible.

The ETA application process will include providing biometric details and answering suitability questions to prevent potential risks, including criminals, from entering the country.

Palestinians excluded for now, global expansion planned
Currently, Palestinian citizens are not included in the ETA system. However, there are plans for a global expansion of the program throughout 2024, which will make the ETA a requirement for visitors not needing a visa for short stays.

Palestinians holding dual citizenship and possessing a full Jordanian passport (excluding the "T" series) can utilize the ETA system due to their Jordanian citizenship.

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