‘Those who received smallpox vaccine when young have immunity against monkeypox’

Najwa Khoury
Member of the National Committee for Epidemiology Najwa Khoury. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Those who took the smallpox vaccine at a young age continue to have immunity against the monkeypox now, member of the National Committee for Epidemiology Najwa Khoury said, according to Jo24. Khoury added that the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to stop using the smallpox vaccine because the virus was eradicated globally and the WHO declared a certificate of eradication of smallpox in 1980.اضافة اعلان

The National Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases Center announced Friday that it is following closely the transmission of monkeypox among humans in European countries, Canada, and Australia. According to the WHO website, the monkeypox virus is transmitted to humans from various wild animals, but its spread at the secondary level is limited to transmission from one person to another.

In a TV interview, Khoury said that a vaccine was developed against monkeypox in the countries where the disease had spread in Africa, but its efficiency has not yet been determined. She pointed out that monkeypox symptoms include fever, muscle pain, lymph nodes swelling, and skin rashes (usually on the face and hands). She indicated that people who travel a lot and those in contact with animals are most vulnerable to the disease.

Meanwhile, the National Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases Center will hold a meeting on Sunday to discuss a response to monkeypox and the developing epidemiological situation at the local and international levels.

Raeda Al-Qutob, head of the center, said in a press statement that the meeting with Health Ministry officials, including the epidemiology management and laboratories departments, will tackle a plan for prevention and raising awareness among health personnel and the public about the disease, transmission and precautionary measures.

The meeting will determine the response, agree on a practical definition of the case and determine the mechanism to investigate and report early detection and the availability of laboratory materials for diagnosis, she pointed out.

The meeting aims at coordinating national health efforts at an early stage and decide the roles assigned to each entity to follow up on implementation, she said.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health confirmed that there are no cases or suspected cases of monkeypox in Jordan. This came after a circular was sent to the epidemiological investigation teams in all hospitals and health centers to follow up on any suspected case of monkeypox

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