Super high-speed fiber cable to connect Jordan to Europe

fiber cable
Fiber cables. (Photo: Envato elements)
AMMAN — The company "Sparkle," the leading internet service provider in Italy, announced that it will extend the "BlueMed Sparkle" cable connecting all European countries through the Mediterranean Sea, reaching all the way to Jordan, Jo24 News reported.اضافة اعلان

According to the report by the Italian newspaper "Decod 39," the new "BlueMed Sparkle" cable, which will connect Italy to France, Greece, and various Mediterranean countries, including Jordan, is part of the "Blue Raman" undersea cable systems. These cables were established in partnership with Google and other operators and will stretch all the way to Mumbai, India.

"BlueMed" offers four pairs of private fiber plans with a capacity of up to 25 terabits per second, providing diverse, high-speed, and unique connections. Technological advancements in the region are expected to accompany this development.

Aqaba digital city
According to the company's statement, "BlueMed" will reach Jordan within the data center at the Aqaba Digital City.

With "BlueMed," the Aqaba Digital City provides faster and more reliable internet connections for businesses and individuals in Jordan and neighboring countries.

Iyad Abu Khorma, the CEO of Aqaba Digital City, said in a statement, that "the strategic cooperation with Sparkle and BlueMed will work to enhance the status of Aqaba Digital City, strengthen communication between Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and enable more initiatives and projects with our partners to enhance these connections."

Expert opinion
Information technology expert Abdul Rahman Dawood commented, "The cable going to Jordan will provide revolutionary services, supporting digital transformation in the Kingdom. It will also support 4G and 5G technologies, doubling the internet speed there."

The expert believes that "Jordan stands out in the Middle East concerning internet services, and this cable will add more to it. All sectors will be positively affected, especially banking transactions and mobile services."

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