Ministry of Youth and USAID Sign Youth-Related Joint Cooperation Agreement

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(Photo: USAID)
PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Youth and USAID signed a joint cooperation agreement this Thursday, to implement the “Partnership for Youth II” program, in completion of the first phase of the Agreement. اضافة اعلان

Signed by the Minister of Youth Mohammad Nabulsi and USAID/Jordan Mission Director Leslie Reed at the Ministry of Youth, the agreement aims to contribute to the implementation of the National Youth Strategy and its Action Plan, support the ministry’s efforts to enhance programming for youth at centers, and build youth workers’ capacities.

As part of the agreement, the ministry will receive technical support for its various programs and units. Additionally, there will be a focus on strengthening youth engagement in training programs, particularly those related to economic empowerment and entrepreneurship. The agreement will also provide support for the ministry's automation and digital transformation efforts.

Nabulsi commended USAID’s long-standing partnership in implementing programs that contribute to the development of youth skills and enabling them to effectively participate in public life, in addition to supporting the implementation of the ministry’s plans and programs targeting youth and youth workers.

He emphasized the ministry's commitment, since the establishment of the National Youth Strategy's Action Plan, to strengthening its partnerships with various official institutions, international organizations, and civil society organizations; In order to implement the programs and projects outlined in the National Youth Strategy Elements, encompassing areas such as political and economic empowerment, community peace and health, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, innovation, education, and technology.

"Together, USAID will continue to work hand-in-hand with the Government of Jordan to create opportunities for education, employment, and entrepreneurship, ensuring that young people can fully contribute to the development of their communities and country," said Mission Director Reed.

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