ESC discusses State of the Country Report 2021 on youth conditions

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Jordan Economic and Social Council recently discussed the State of the Country Report 2021 on youth situation, both in-person and virtually, with ESC Chairman Musa Shteiwi saying that youth issues “intersect” many institutions, and not the Ministry of Youth only, adding that it is time to redefine this ministry’s role and strategy.اضافة اعلان

Attending the discussion were Youth Minister Mohammad Nabulsi and experts from the public and private sectors.

Shteiwi lauded the ministry’s contribution to developing national youth policies and its “remarkable” efforts to advance the youth sector and meet its growing needs, adding that “challenges facing the ministry still exist, in terms of financial aspects and development of institutional capacities”.

Meanwhile, Nabulsi, said the limited budget allocated to the ministry hinders the possibility of “speedy” achievement, adding that there are 16 official bodies concerned with implementing Jordan’s National Youth Strategy.

To overcome obstacles, he said, the ministry is working to finalize an implementation plan in partnership with all stakeholders. The ministry, he added, will organize a Ramadan football tournament in which 10,000 young people will participate, as part of the government’s role in organizing sporting events for youth, especially now that Jordan’s epidemiological situation improved and life returns to normal.

According to an ESC statement released Saturday, the discussions recommended the need to establish a coordination mechanism to link youth institutions and civil society organizations to support young people and activate their engagement in various activities, as well as to revive their role in decision making.

Also stressed was the need to reinstate youth camps, especially environmental awareness programs and Jordan’s afforestation, the statement added.

In addition, the participants stressed the need to develop “specific and clear” programs, which should be assessed based on qualitative indicators to measure their youth-related impact, and highlighted the need to equip youth centers to accommodate people with special needs.

Among the hardships facing Jordan’s youth sector, the discussants mentioned weak government institutions coordination on issues concerning the youths, and recommended developing a comprehensive and balanced plan in partnership with all concerned parties.

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