Minister of Agriculture approves resumption of live sheep imports

happy sheep
(Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — The Minister of Agriculture Khaled Hanifat has announced the decision to resume the import of live sheep from approved sources, following the import mechanism implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, according to Ammon News.اضافة اعلان

The Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed that the local market is currently oversupplied with sacrificial sheep, with a total of 600,000 heads available.

Despite the estimated demand of around 300,000 heads of local sheep, the local market has twice the required number.

This decision comes in response to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's recent announcement to resume importing live sheep from Jordan.

Over the past 45 days, the Ministry of Agriculture has already imported 320,000 heads of live sheep, with an expected increase to approximately 500,000 heads within the next 10 days.

Furthermore, the ministry has emphasized that the live sheep from local breeds, intended for export, are specifically raised to meet the needs of the Gulf markets.

These exported sheep adhere to weight and specification requirements in line with the demands of the Gulf region.

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