300 social media influencers in Jordan exceed annual income of JD100,000

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AMMAN — Hossam Abu Ali, the General Director of Income and Sales Tax, has shed light on the increasing number of social media influencers in Jordan who earn substantial annual incomes exceeding JD100,000. According to Abu Ali, this group of influential individuals surpasses 300 in number and some even earn more than JD300,000 annually.اضافة اعلان

Speaking about the measures taken by the tax department, Abu Ali revealed that they have conducted studies and surveys to closely monitor tax evaders, Ammon News reported.

In the case where the income of these social media figures exceeds the threshold for tax exemptions, the ISTD is obligated to gather their data and information, followed by summoning them for a thorough review of their financial records.

Specialized department to monitor online cases
He emphasized the existence of a specialized department within the tax authority, tasked with monitoring websites and online activities.

When taxpayers who fall within the aforementioned category are summoned, failure to appear results in the initiation of an initial estimation of their income.

 If they continue to evade compliance, this estimation transforms into an administrative estimation, and ultimately, the case is referred to the court.

The heightened attention on social media influencers' incomes is part of the tax department's ongoing efforts to ensure fair and equitable taxation across all sectors.

By closely monitoring high-earning individuals and their financial activities, the tax authority aims to prevent tax evasion and ensure that all taxpayers fulfill their fiscal responsibilities.

He stressed the importance of maintaining accurate records and data, which plays a crucial role in identifying potential tax evaders and promoting transparency in the tax system.

He also urged all taxpayers, including social media influencers, to comply with tax regulations and cooperate with the tax department's efforts to ensure a fair and efficient taxation system in the Kingdom.

As the influence and reach of social media continue to expand, it becomes increasingly vital for tax authorities to adapt their strategies and monitor individuals in emerging fields, such as social media influencers, to uphold the integrity of the tax system and safeguard the country's economic stability.

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