Jordan's ranks low on Global Innovation Index

Jordanian Strategy Forum policy paper offers recommendations

global innovation index 2022
(Photo: Global Innovation Index)
AMMAN — The Jordanian Strategy Forum has released a policy paper titled "World Creativity and Innovation Day: The Main Challenge Facing Jordan" on the occasion of the UN International Day of Innovation. اضافة اعلان

The paper aims to shed light on Jordan's position in the Global Innovation Index, which evaluates the performance of 132 countries on innovation input and innovation output.

Jordan ranked 72nd in the latest edition of the index, indicating the need for improvement.

Benefits of innovationThe policy paper highlights the economic benefits of innovation at both the partial and total levels.

At the partial level, innovation efforts can enhance productivity, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, create higher-paying jobs, and increase sales and profits.

At the total level, increased productivity contributes to producing more goods and services, which can lead to overall economic growth.

Types of innovationThe paper discusses four main types of innovation according to the European statistical office: process innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation, and organizational innovation.

Each type has its own nature and effects, such as gradual innovation, disruptive innovation, architectural innovation, and radical (or breakthrough) innovation.

RecommendationsThe policy paper offers recommendations to various concerned parties from both the public and private sectors to improve Jordan's ranking in the Global Innovation Index.

Some of the recommendations include investing in human capital and research, improving infrastructure, and creating a favorable business environment.

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