Jordan recovers ancient coins smuggled to Egypt

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Officials participate in a ceremony in which Egypt returned 176 coins of historical significance to Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and China, at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo on December 12, 2022. (Photo: Twitter)


AMMAN — Jordan on Monday recovered ancient coins that Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities seized at the country’s border crossings, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

اضافة اعلان


During a ceremony on Monday at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities Ahmed Issa handed over a collection of 176 coins of historical significance to Jordan’s Ambassador to Egypt Amjad Adaileh; Iraq’s Minister of Tourism, Antiquities, and Culture Ahmed Fakak Al-Badrani; China’s Cultural Counsellor Yang Ronghao; and a Saudi official, Egyptian Al-Ahram reported.


Of the coins, four were returned to Jordan that date to the reign of King Hussein bin Ali (1916–1925), and one from the reign of King Hussein bin Talal (1952–1999).


Adaileh, thanked Egypt for its archeological preservation efforts toward the properties of other countries.


The artifacts were handed over in accordance with a 1970’s UNESCO convention to prevent the illicit transfer of cultural property, as well as various governmental agreements and decrees.


Adaileh also noted that the coins would be returned to Jordan as part of an agreement signed with Egypt to protect and recover stolen cultural property and combat the illegal trafficking of antiquities.


He also praised the cooperation between Jordan and Egypt in tourism, antiquities, and the protection of cultural heritage.


Ahmed Issa, Egypt’s Minister of Tourism and Architects, emphasized that Egypt protects not only its own culture, history, and antiquities but also those of other nations. He highlighted efforts made by the relevant authorities at Egypt’s various border crossings to monitor and seize any stolen artifacts smuggled or transported illegally.


Of the coins, 133 were returned to Saudi Arabia that date to different periods from the reign of King Abdulaziz Al-Saud (1932–1953). Six coins were returned to Iraq that date to the reign of King Faisal I (1921–1933). Meanwhile, China received 33 coins dating to the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644).


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