Iranian, Iraqi slogans in Amman TV shooting draw attention

(Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — A state of dismay and shock gripped social media platforms, with users inquiring about Iraqi and Iranian slogans raised in the Marka district in east Amman, Jo24 reported.

Slogans in favor of Iraq's Popular Mobilization, portraits of Iranian politicians and Iranian flags stirred a public concern in Jordan until it was explained that the activities were part of filming an American television series.

The Royal Film Commission clarified that the graphics came in the context of the American series displaying the mission of special operations team to the Middle East, specifically to Syria, where Iranian proxies and militias are believed to be active.

Muhanad Al-Bakri, the commission’s head, said that the producers of the series obtained necessary approvals for shooting, specifically the approval of the security authorities, as further confirmed by Amman Governor Yasser Al-Edwan. اضافة اعلان



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