‘Disi station’ pumped 1 billion cubic meters into Jordan in 10 years

Disi Pumping Station. (Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — On Wednesday, Mohammed Al Najjar, accompanied by the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, Erdem Ozan, and French Ambassador in Amman Alexis Le Cour Grandmaison, visited the Disi Pumping Station in Madaba. اضافة اعلان

The visit celebrated the significant achievement of the project, which has successfully reached a milestone of 1 billion cubic meters over the course of 10 years, according to Hala News.

Najjar emphasized the vital importance of the Disi Pumping Station project, highlighting its role in maintaining water supply stability and meeting the water needs of citizens across various regions.

The project has been crucial in the face of increasing pressure caused by water scarcity, population growth resulting from consecutive migrations, and regional conditions in the area.

The Disi project is recognized as one of the strategic initiatives, replenishing the water balance by adding 100 million cubic meters annually.

Gratitude to project stakeholdersNajjar extended his gratitude and appreciation to all those involved in the project, including the partners from Turkey and France, as well as the generous donors who supported the successful completion of this ambitious endeavor.

Turkish Ambassador Ozan acknowledged the project as a testament to the fruitful cooperation between Turkey, France, and Jordan. He expressed his commitment to further enhancing this long-term partnership to achieve water security in Jordan.

50 years of Jordanian-French cooperation
French Ambassador Alexis Le Cour Grandmaison expressed his satisfaction with the achievement of the Disi Pumping Station project.

He highlighted the longstanding cooperation between Jordan and France, which spans over 50 years and encompasses various sectors such as water, energy, and environment.

 The cooperation has resulted in an investment of approximately $2.4 billion through loans, grants, and funding for the implementation of multiple projects. The French Agency affirmed its determination to support the National Carrier project.

Project overviewThe Disi Pumping Station project comprises 55 wells and transmission lines, leading to the Al-Muntazah National Station in Amman.

From there, pumping is redirected to several areas through the Dabouq and Abu Alanda reservoirs. Diwaco and Disi Amman Operations and Maintenance Companies are responsible for the management, operation, and maintenance of these reservoirs.

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