South Korea celebrates its National Foundation Day

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(Photos: Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Jordan)
AMMAN Jordanian politicians and businessmen, and members of the diplomatic corps based in the Kingdom converged on the residence of the Korean ambassador for a reception marking Korea’s National Foundation Day, which falls on October 3.اضافة اعلان

Tuesday’s reception was hosted by Ambassador Lee Jae Wan. The event commemorated the 4,354th anniversary of the founding of ancient Korea, Gojoseon.

Addressing the crowd, the ambassador said: “For Koreans, this founding history has indeed been a solid foundation, an anchor, for us, uniting people in a shared sense of purpose, fostering in us a mentality of determination to overcome challenges and to usher in peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.”

He outlined Korea’s geopolitical challenges, and how the republic was able to overcome them through economic development and democratization.

The envoy, who also hosted a banquet of Korean food, said 2022 also marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Jordan.

Recently, cultural cooperation has become stronger, with “K-Pop, Korean films, K dramas, and food are on many Jordanians’ lips in their daily lives,” he said.

He noted that he expected countrymen to visit the unique nature and historical sites in Jordan in the next few months. “I earnestly hope the number of Korean tourists to Jordan will soon return to the level of around 30,000 as it was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic,” he declared.

He said an important event for Korea is lying ahead: the World Expo in Busan in 2030. He said the city of Busan played a pivotal role in transforming Korea as it’s a symbol of Korea’s path of socioeconomic development.

“I would like to kindly ask for your invaluable interest and support for the ROK to secure the holding of the EXPO in the wonderful, vibrant, fun city of Busan,” the ambassador pleaded.

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With his speech nearing an end, the envoy said the national day reception this year may be his last to host in the Kingdom. He said the past three years in his job as ambassador in Jordan were challenging, and expressed admiration to Jordan, saying its rich historical legacy and culture are close to his heart.

“I was amazed by the different beautiful colors of the nature in Jordan, and I’m also very impressed by Jordanian art, so I’m planning to get myself some art pieces that reflect the same special colors of the Jordanian nature to take it back with me,” the ambassador told Jordan News, referring to some private tours he took in Jordan.

He said he hoped that the relationship between his country and Jordan will grow stronger and deeper in the years ahead.

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