Mexico celebrates 212th anniversary of independence

Mexico celebrates 212th anniversary of independence
(Photos: Handouts from the Mexican Embassy)
AMMAN — Jordanian politicians and business leaders thronged a celebration commemorating the 212th anniversary of the Independence of Mexico hosted by Mexican Ambassador Roberto Rodriguez-Hernandez.اضافة اعلان

Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar topped a list of invitees to a reception held at Amman’s Landmark Hotel.

Mexico’s Independence Day falls on September 15–16, honoring the country’s fight for independence from Spain, specifically the moment the famed priest Miguel Hidalgo gave, the “El Grito de Dolores” battle cry.

Foods that are traditionally made for Mexican Independence Day include mole, pozole, menudo, a beef stew that’s been referred to as a hangover cure, birria de Borrego, or spiced lamb.

The ceremony included a number of traditional Mexican performances and folk dances by Folkloric Dance Company “Te Amo México”. The company was founded in 2020 to promote Mexican folklore at national and international events.

The Mexican ambassador said that his country celebrates the occasion year after year internally and abroad by giving a national speech on Independence Day, in which the heroes who gave their lives in the war of independence are saluted.

The envoy praised his country’s friendship with Jordan, telling Jordan News that relations are growing.

“The embassy is carrying out several activities and meetings to increase cooperation between the two countries, through partnership with private and governmental institutions, including the Ministry of Industry and Trade, The Customs Department, and the Civil Aviation Authority, in addition to universities,” he said.

He pointed out that “there are projects that bring the two countries together in the medium and long terms, and that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries in the last seven years amounted to $1,488.5 million, where Mexico exported to Jordan the value of $1428.3 million, and in return Jordan exported to Mexico the value of $60.2 million.”

The ambassador pointed out the need to promote learning the Spanish language in Jordan and learning the Arabic language in Mexico “to facilitate understanding between the people in the two friendly countries, as it will facilitate the increase in bilateral trade flow between them”.

He said that there are businessmen interested in exporting to Mexico. He referred to businessmen in Jordan hoping to “open a sweets factory in Mexico to produce oriental sweets, especially kunafeh, within a year or two, using raw materials that will be exported from Jordan”.

He also said “there is a Jordanian-Mexican Friendship Association that is being established and will work to promote culture, tourism, and trade in Mexico and Jordan.”

The ambassador stressed the importance of strengthening and facilitating international air services and expanding cooperation in everything related to civil aviation between Mexico and Jordan.

He said that could be done “through a draft bilateral agreement that would enhance tourism and trade between the two friendly countries and motivate and support tourism, especially religious tourism, through charter flights”.

“In addition, there is a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in customs matters between Jordan and Mexico, which will enhance trade exchange between the two countries,” he said. He noted that the accord “is in the last stage, pending the venue and date of signing”.

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