Lack of awareness, proper supervision help unlicensed plastic surgery clinics spread

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AMMAN — Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments have become a popular option for people, often women, who hope to stop the time or be up to aesthetic standards touted by glossy magazines.اضافة اعلان

That, in turn, has given way to the mushrooming of unlicensed clinics that offer to conduct cosmetic procedures at lower prices, at times at the expense of the health or life of unsuspecting patients, and to calls for tougher penalties for violators.

Effat, a woman in her thirties who has had problems with the weight since childhood, told Jordan News that she thought liposuction to be the most appropriate solution for her to lose weight after she had lost hope of achieving the desired goal through diet and sports.

“I heard about one of the clinics that offer liposuction at lower prices, and I immediately visited it. I really intended to do this operation, but thankfully, I backed out at the last moment,” she said.

By way of explanation, she said: “During my conversation with the service provider, who claims to be a doctor, I noticed that he does not have enough medical information about the consequences or risks of liposuction, that he did not even ask me to perform the necessary tests to ensure that my body can withstand this type of sensitive and delicate operations.”

“What is also striking is that the clinic is not part of a hospital, which I consider unacceptable, especially since some operations require the patient to stay for days to ensure that they are fully recovered and that their condition is stable,” she added.

Admitting that the “desire to reach international standards of beauty tempts us a bit and prevents us from thinking properly,” she said that “despite the potential risks of this operation, I really intended to do it, but now I would like to advise all women and girls to be more aware about the serious impact of plastic surgery, not to be drawn in by fake advertisements through social networking sites, and also to make sure that this type of operation cannot be done without medical examinations by specialists.”

Ghazi Al-Zaben, plastic surgeon and former minister of health, told Jordan News that “a certificate issued by the Jordan Medical Council states that every doctor has to meet certain criteria for him/her to qualify to practice his/her specialty.”

He stressed that “some people, unfortunately, are deceived by social media advertisements where certain clinics claim that they provide certain plastic surgeries at a lower cost, but on the ground you will notice that they are not eligible to do these operations and that patients are exposed to many risks.”

Mohammad Al-Tarawneh, a chest and respiratory disease specialist, told Jordan News that “the cosmetic clinics sector is currently witnessing complete chaos amid the spread of unlicensed clinics, as well as the proliferation of doctors working in specialties other than theirs.”

“Everyone should be aware that plastic surgeries require a certificate of specialization, as well as sterilization procedures and an entire hospital in anticipation of complications that may occur as a result of the operation,” he added.

“State institutions, including the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor, must collaborate and intensify supervision of these clinics, as well as of some women’s salons, some of which are also providing cosmetic procedures,” Tarawneh said.

He stressed that people should “know that there is a medical accountability law that has been activated, and that there is no tolerance for violators, and therefore awareness messages must be broadcast about the dangers of circumventing the law.”

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