Hind Khlaifat, the Bedouin influencer changing social media

Hind Khlaifat
(Photos: Handouts from Hind Khlaifat)
Born in Petra in the south of Jordan, Hind Khlaifat is a multitalented content creator seeking to expand people’s understandings of what it means to be a Bedouin woman.اضافة اعلان

On her social media, where she called herself a ‘beduinsta’, Khlaifat shares the details of her daily life, from drinking coffee in her favorite places, to her various activities, events, and fashionable clothes. All the while, she maintains her speech in the Bedouin dialect and spreads her great admiration of Jordan and its traditions.

“Beduinsta is the combination of the word Bedouin — since my origin is Nabataean, and the homeland of my ancestors is Petra — and the word fashionista, from my interest in the lively lifestyle and my simple touched clothing style, especially with my passion for Jordanian dresses and military fatigues,” Khlaifat told Jordan News.

Khlaifat has succeeded in combining the originality of Bedouin culture with the beauty of modernity: “On my travels, I meet beautiful people who tell me about their positive impressions when I tell them that I am a Bedouin girl from southern Jordan, where Wadi Musa is.”

“I am always happy when they reach me and advise me on their travels to Jordan, and I feel shy like all simple girls when they ask to take a picture with me or a picture of me. I am still that simple girl who does not want to realize that today she is in a new location in the world,” she added.

She believes that it is her role to “convey to the whole world the true image of the Bedouin woman: full of thought and arts in a modest style and always proud of her Arab identity”.

Khlaifat posts everything she finds interesting relating to Jordan on her social media accounts, seeing beauty in even the small details: “I try to promote everything beautiful in this beloved country from my own experiences and stories through filming, narrating, tweeting sometimes, and shooting short videos.”

At nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram, Khlaifat believes that her “meticulously woven authentic content is what played an important role in reaching this number of followers”. She explained that “social media and its tools are free for everyone, but the content remains the secret for reaching people’s hearts.”

In addition to her passion for blogging, she has published several books while participating in writing workshops throughout the years.
Khlaifat masterfully combines her writing and drawing skills to create a unique version of visual art.
She recently published her novel “Nirvana”, which follows the story of a Bedouin journalist from Petra, and a Swedish mother moving in between refugee camps. It is an existential and emotional tale that raises important questions about life and empathy.

“Nirvana is a novel that brings together love, questions, and the most amazing kinds of encounters. It is the story of a reporter who experiences a love story between refugee camps,” she explained.

Khlaifat masterfully combines her writing and drawing skills to create a unique version of visual art. She has hosted multiple solo art exhibitions, with her most recent one titled “Some of the Tale”.

In addition to her many talents, Khlaifat is also a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of AloCloud, which was established seven years ago, and runs multiple marketing campaigns for various government sectors.

 One of her most prominent campaigns was the “Urdunna Jannah” program, which she did alongside her work at the Ministry of Tourism.

“My study of digital content made me use my content, whether written or graphic, to reach a larger space and audience with modern technologies,” she elaborated.

However, despite her earnest attempts to present an honorable image of Bedouin and Jordanian women, Khlaifat does not deny that she has been, and continues to be, attacked on social media for being a woman.

“I hear false stories about myself, which are pure fabrications, because there are those who are bothered by my success,” she shared. “They try to downplay your success and attribute it to chance or support. I do not pay attention to the attacks and continue my calm walk towards my goal. For those who say that I am propped up, I can say that I am supported by God with hard work, perseverance, and my passion for continuous learning.”

Her path to success is just beginning. She concluded with sharing her mindset going forward: “There are no major challenges or obstacles if the person has a realistic plan and real determination. We must have a strong spirit in order to reach our goals.”

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