Arab silence encourages Israeli aggression on Gaza — pundits

Israeli occupation forces stand near the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex on August 7, 2022, amidst Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip
Israeli occupation forces stand near the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex on August 7, 2022, amidst Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. (Photo: AFP)
AMMAN — The Israeli onslaught on Gaza has left at least 43 people dead, including six children. The Israeli military warned that its deadly air strikes on the enclave could last for a week.اضافة اعلان

The “preemptive” operation killed two senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad officials and destroyed apartment buildings, prompting the group to launch rockets into Israel.

More than 275 people were injured in violence that is the worst in the strip since Israel launched an 11day war on Gaza in May 2021 that killed more than 260 Palestinians and wounded at least 2,000 others.

The Arab silence in the face of what is happening in Palestine, the trivialization of the Palestinian cause, and the acceleration of normalization of ties with Israel have led to a worsening situation for Palestinians and encourage Israel’s blatant violations, political analysts interviewed by Jordan News contend.

MP Khalil Attieh told Jordan News that “the Arab silence and the scramble to normalize gave Israel a green light to start the attack on Gaza.”

“So far, no statement has been issued by any Arab capital that amounts to a forceful response to this aggression that targets children, women, men, and homes,” he added.

Attieh stressed that “what is happening in the Gaza Strip is a war crime by all means.”

“The strange Arab silence is complicity with and encouragement of this evil aggression; it has contributed to making the enemy more ferocious and persistent in its aggression,” he said.

According to MP Saleh Armouti, “what is happening in Gaza is a crime against humanity and genocide that should be classified as a war crime”.

He stressed that “the International Criminal Court must hold the perpetrators accountable, since their deeds violate covenants related to peace and human rights.”

Armouti said that Israel’s aggression “is a blow to the Arab regimes that rushed to normalize with the enemy”, stressing that “it is not possible to find real solutions to stop the Israeli aggression and protect Palestine through diplomacy.”

The silence of Arab parliaments and human rights organizations, which should play a role in protecting the Palestinians, only worsens the situation, Armouti said, stressing that the Arab Lawyers Union has “the duty to defend the freedom and rights of the Palestinian people in international forums”, yet does nothing.

Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Murad Al-Adayleh told Jordan News that the “silence in the face of the crimes in Palestine” makes it easier for the Israeli occupation “to implement its agenda” vis-à-vis the Palestinian cause.

Adayleh emphasized that “the resistance of the Palestinian people is the only thing that will preserve Palestine and will keep the Palestinian cause alive.”

According to political commentator and journalist Daoud Kuttab, “what is happening in Gaza is clearly a war crime. Extrajudicial killing is a crime, as are the attacks that kill innocent civilians and blow up apartments.”

“I believe the war on Gaza puts all countries that have peace treaties or normalization agreements with Israel in a difficult position, and weakens their governments’ relations with their own citizens,” he added.

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