Non-compliance with seniority criteria almost delayed prisoner release

(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA – The head of the Prisoners and Released Prisoners Affairs Authority, Qadura Fares, said on Saturday that the Israeli occupation authorities' failure to comply with the seniority criterion in releasing Palestinian prisoners could have disrupted the implementation of the first batch.اضافة اعلان

According to Al-Mamlaka TV, Fares added that the Israeli occupation authorities manipulated the seniority criterion, which was part of the conditions of the humanitarian truce that came into effect on Friday morning.

He noted that there was an agreement to pass the list of released prisoners in the first batch, with the issue to be rectified later, but today they returned to manipulation and did not adhere to the seniority criterion.

Fares stated that there is ongoing dialogue regarding the seniority criterion, saying, "There is great dissatisfaction among the Palestinian resistance."

He estimated that 39 prisoners would be released in exchange for 13 Israelis.

Fares announced the death of 6 prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons since October 7, as the Israeli occupation practices genocide against the Palestinian people.

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