IOF steals, loots estimated tens of millions in Gaza — Euro-Med

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GENEVA — On Friday, The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory stated that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) are unleashing its soldiers in the Gaza Strip to engage in unethical practices against Palestinian civilians during raids on their homes. These practices include theft of property and looting, Jo24 reported. اضافة اعلان

The group documented a series of cases revealing the involvement of IOF in the systematic theft of money and possessions from Palestinians. This includes gold, cash, mobile phones, and laptops.

Since the end of October, IOF has continued to carry out ground military operations inside the Gaza Strip, involving raids on residential areas, house searches, and arbitrary arrests of civilians.

The group emphasized that the incursions by the occupation army go beyond arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, and field executions to deliberate destruction of property and looting of personal belongings.

Looting may exceed tens of millions of dollars
Subsequently, homes are set on fire after being looted, as part of an apparent collective retaliation against Palestinian residents. It estimates, based on collected testimonies - an ongoing process as of the statement date - that the theft of personal belongings of Palestinian civilians and widespread looting by the occupation army may exceed tens of millions of dollars.

In one testimony, Thabet Salim, in his forties, reported to Euro-Med that the occupation forces looted all the money and gold they had during the arrest of him and two of his sons from their home in the Zaytoun neighborhood south of Gaza City. Salim was released alone recently, while he still knows nothing about the fate of his sons.

Meanwhile, Hassan mentioned that the value of the money taken by the soldiers from his home exceeds $10,000, distributed in several currencies, along with a similar amount in gold for his wife and his eldest son.

Furthermore, Mrs. Um Mohammed Gharbia from the Shujaiya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City told Euro-Med that the occupation forces forcibly took her gold jewelry, which she was wearing, during the raid on their home and the arrest of her husband and eldest son earlier this month.

Hussein Attanani from the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood north of Gaza City said that they were surprised, upon returning to their home that had been raided by the occupation army while they were displaced to a nearby UN-affiliated school, by extensive damage to its contents. Money and a computer were stolen.

The testimonies received by the Euro-Med align with what the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth published on December 15 about the "appropriation" by the occupation army of more than 5 million shekels (about $1,351,350) in the context of control by the "Loot Unit" in the Technology and Logistics Department of the army.

Euro-Med noted that the announced amount may be a small part of thefts not reported by soldiers. Meanwhile, a video (whose date and circumstances could not be fully verified) circulated showing three soldiers personally selling stolen gold jewelry in one of the shops in the West Bank after it was looted from a home in Gaza.

The group pointed out that the occupation soldiers deliberately disseminate videos on social media documenting their deliberate destruction of civilians' homes in the Gaza Strip or painting racist or Jewish symbols on the walls. They also boast about seizing money and valuable belongings.
Mrs. Alia Al-Najjar (34 years old) stated in an interview with the media that she saw some of her gold jewelry, which she kept with her mother's belongings, in one of the videos published by Israeli soldiers. Among them was a distinctive 24-carat gold bracelet she purchased with the value of her first salary as a teacher.

Najjar mentioned that an occupation officer displayed her bracelet in a video inside a fabric wallet owned by her mother, in which she keeps other pieces of gold and valuable belongings. At that moment, she commented on the video, saying to the soldier, "You are thieves," before the soldier deleted the clip.
Another video showed an occupation officer showcasing a silver necklace inscribed with "Made in Gaza," designed in the shape of a heart made of crystal, stating that he would give it to his girlfriend. Another occupation officer appeared holding a musical guitar, playing it, and singing on the rubble of the destroyed homes in Gaza.

Euro-Med called for a comprehensive and impartial international investigation into the serious violations against the residents in the Gaza Strip and their properties by the occupation forces, which continue to cause destruction and harm to civilians without restraint or accountability. They also urged actions to ensure legal accountability and prosecution.

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