IOF admits to killing Palestinians, burying bodies

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GAZA — Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) has admitted to killing two Palestinians and burying their bodies using a bulldozer after "Al-Jazeera" aired a video showing details of the killing.اضافة اعلان

In their statement to CNN, the Israeli army justified the killing of the Palestinians, claiming that it occurred after they approached what they termed as a suspicious operational area in central Gaza and did not respond to warning shots, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

The statement mentioned that they were killed and their bodies were bulldozed, fearing that they might be carrying explosives.

The video, shot from a distance and significantly edited according to the American network "CNN," shows two men walking along the Gaza beach, separated from each other. Both appear to be waving white flags, symbolizing surrender, while cautiously approaching a group of Israeli soldiers.

The video shows one man walking towards the soldiers with his hands raised in the air, then disappearing behind some sand and concrete, with unclear consequences thereafter. The second man moves away from the soldiers, speeding up, and an Israeli vehicle is seen following him. Suddenly, he falls on the sand, apparently shot.

The video then shifts to another angle, a location "CNN" couldn't geographically identify, showing an Israeli military bulldozer burying two bodies in the sand and debris. It's not clear if these are the same men from the beginning of the video, although "Al-Jazeera" reported that the bodies belong to them.

"Al-Jazeera" commented that "the giant bulldozer is digging up the bodies and burying them in the sand and garbage, as the Israeli soldiers attempt to conceal the execution."

"CNN" requested an unedited copy of the video from "Al-Jazeera," which stated that the incident occurred near Rashid Street in central Gaza.

"CNN" identified the geographical location of the video, confirming that it shows the incident on the beach.

Additional visual evidence, such as satellite images and video clips, indicate the deployment of Israeli military engineering vehicles, such as bulldozers, there.

On the other hand, IOF stated that the edited video "depicts two separate incidents." They added that "the first incident occurred in the southern part of the passage, and after the suspect did not respond to a warning shot, the fire was opened towards him, causing minor injuries. He was released after receiving medical treatment and undergoing interrogation."

IOF mentioned that the second incident occurred in the northern part of the passage, and fire was opened at the suspects after they approached the Israeli forces "in a suspicious manner, carrying bags on their backs and getting close to the forces. After not responding to a warning shot, the forces opened fire at them, resulting in their death. Their bodies were transported from the scene."

IOF stated that the bulldozer was used "out of fear that the suspects might have explosives and posed a threat to the forces."

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