Euro-Med: Gaza civilians are being killed by disorderly entry of aid

(File photo: Jordan News)
GAZA— Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor reported that Palestinians who have escaped Israeli bombing, gunfire, or starvation in the Gaza Strip are now facing death as a result of the disorderly entry of international aid. This includes incidents such as aid falling on their heads, drowning while attempting to reach it, or being suffocated or crushed in stampedes.اضافة اعلان

The organization stated that On March 25, 12 Palestinians drowned after becoming entangled in the ropes of parachutes carrying aid packages dropped by planes into the sea off the northern Strip. While seven bodies were recovered, five others remain missing and are presumed dead.

Another incident on the same day in northern Gaza resulted in a stampede to collect aid packages dropped by another plane, leading to at least one Palestinian death and multiple injuries.

Additionally, 10 other individuals have died in separate incidents as a result of aid packages directly falling on them in Gaza City and the northern areas of the Strip in recent weeks. Euro Med noted that in one such incident, aid package dropping also caused the destruction of Baptist Hospital’s solar panels in Gaza City and similar damage to neighboring houses.

Dozens of people have been injured in these chaotic scrambles to obtain aid dropped by planes, as famine drives residents to scramble for food for their families.

So far, at least 563 people have been killed and hundreds more injured due to the deliberate targeting by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) of individuals waiting for aid, including members of popular committees or police personnel. These shootings indicate the existence of a systematic Israeli policy to deny hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza safe access to aid.

The human rights group also mentioned that since early February, Israel has been targeting aid warehouses and restricting the amount of humanitarian aid and other supplies needed to sustain the civilian population, reconstruct civilian infrastructure, and ensure the security of roads, warehouses, distribution centers, and convoys.

The group stressed that the international community is responsible for failing to devise mechanisms to prevent deadly incidents, including incorrectly dropping aid or its introduction into trucks without insurance or a contract with appropriate authorities.

It further emphasized the importance of broadening and diversifying the channels through which aid is delivered to the Gaza Strip, particularly to Gaza City and the northern regions, which cannot be overstated. Safeguards must be established to ensure the safety and dignity of the population, as random aid distribution leads to stampedes where access to assistance is dominated by young people, leaving vulnerable groups such as women, children, and the sick behind.

Euro Med urged urgent measures to ensure that aid reaches its recipients without causing harm and in a manner that upholds their human dignity as Israel's genocide of Palestinians in Gaza enters its 173rd day, pointing out that one of these measures is to halt attacks on police and civil administration in the strip, as they are protected by international humanitarian law.

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