Euro-Med: Israel committed more violations in Gaza post-ICJ ruling

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GAZA — Euro-Med Human Rights Montior reported that over the two months following the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling, Israel did not abide by the order and continued committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, noting that Israel has committed more violations in some instances than before the Court’s ruling. اضافة اعلان

A newly released report by Euro-Med titled “Two Months after the ICJ’s Ruling on Gaza: Escalation in Genocide and Absence of Accountability” documents Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza. The report examines Israel’s lack of response to the Court’s ruling, which ordered Israel to take six provisional measures.

The ICJ decision on January 26, 2024, ordered Israel to take specific measures to prevent genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, stating that Israel’s actions posed a real and immediate threat to Palestinians. The ICJ cited the possibility of irreversible harm to Palestinian rights protected under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Based on efforts to monitor and document Israel’s crimes and violations in Gaza, Euro-Med Monitor believes Israel has not complied with the ICJ ruling. Most of the measures outlined in the ruling were violated, and genocide persisted.

Israel continues its genocide, including killing civilians, targeting them through military attacks, and using illegal weapons, highlighting unlawful killings by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), known as the ‘Flour Massacres',’ which resulted in 563 deaths and 1,523 injuries among civilians and aid workers.

The human rights organization pointed out that Israel also inflicts severe harm on Palestinians in Gaza through healthcare deprivation, torture, sexual violence, and using prohibited weapons. It deliberately destroys infrastructure, rendering the region uninhabitable, and erasing Palestinian identity.

Euro med emphasized that Israel violates the ICJ ruling by persecuting Palestinians in Rafah, threatening their lives, adding that it fails to prevent genocide, incitement, and protect evidence.

The organization stressed that Israel’s starvation tactics against Palestinians violate international law, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis, adding that Israel, as the occupying force, is obligated to provide essentials to Gaza but breaches its obligations.

Euro-Med Monitor calls on the international community to enforce the ICJ ruling, end Israel’s genocide, and halt support to Israel. 

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