Gaza correspondent reports ongoing Israeli airstrikes targeting homes

(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA — On Saturday, Al-Mamlaka TV correspondent conveyed a troubling message via a one-way satellite video. He reported that the relentless Israeli airstrikes, ongoing since October 7, 2023, have been targeting homes near the United Nations building in Gaza.اضافة اعلان

Internet remains severedThe correspondent underscored that communications and internet services in Gaza remain severed, effectively isolating the local population from the outside world, Al-Mamlaka TV reported. This communication blackout has had dire consequences, including delayed ambulance arrivals to the bombing sites for evacuating the wounded as World Health Organization reported on Saturday morning. Additionally, it has hindered the distribution of much-needed aid, as establishing contact with those in need has become increasingly difficult.

Danger zone expanded to approx. 10 kilometers north of Gaza
He further revealed that the danger zone expanded to approximately 10 kilometers north of Gaza last night, with dozens of airstrikes causing casualties. The situation in Gaza's hospitals is dire, with fuel running critically low, and the operations of these facilities on the brink of coming to a halt.

Unprecedented and continuously deteriorating The correspondent emphasized that the current situation in Gaza is not only catastrophic but also unprecedented and continuously deteriorating. He mentioned that his own means of media communication are limited to satellite technology.

Furthermore, he explained that the communication breakdown has severe consequences. It means that Gaza's residents are unable to contact hospitals after bombings to report casualties, and ambulance teams are unable to determine the locations of the bombings. This, in turn, implies that Israel has decided to impede rescue operations.

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