Gaza aid leaders urge action amid escalation

59 attacks on healthcare workers; 69 assaults on healthcare facilities

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CAIRO — President of the Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization, Saleh Al-Tuwaijri, addressed the arduous challenges associated with delivering aid to Gaza amid Israeli occupation. Speaking at a press conference alongside Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League, he revealed the mounting impediments hindering the entry of aid from the Israeli-occupied side into Gaza. اضافة اعلان

Currently stockpiled on the Egyptian side, awaiting clearance
Aid is currently stockpiled on the Egyptian side, awaiting clearance for entry. Tuwaijri urged countries, governments, Red Crescent, Red Cross, and aid donors to halt further shipments until the accumulated supplies at El-Arish Airport and the Rafah border crossing with Egypt are permitted to proceed. He decried the notifications sent by "Israeli authorities or forces" to hospitals, demanding patient evacuations as clear violations of international humanitarian law, Al Mamlaka TV reported.

A blockade, denial of essential resources
Tuwaijri stressed the unprecedented and multifaceted nature of the crisis in Gaza, encompassing a blockade, denial of essential resources, closure of crossings, and deliberate targeting of civilians and infrastructure. He asserted, "We are witnessing a complete crime, with the targeting of civilians, health facilities, rescue personnel, and an absolute blockade on the sector, leaving Gaza to suffer from aerial bombardments and a lack of basic aid." Tuwaijri emphasized the organization's commitment to delivering humanitarian aid and issuing appeals. They have collaborated with the Palestinian Red Crescent, achieving an extraordinary response.

Furthermore, the "Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross" is deeply involved in monitoring and documenting violations of international humanitarian law, many of which rise to the level of war crimes. Simultaneously, it is actively engaged in providing humanitarian services to those affected by disasters.

Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League and head of the Social Affairs sector, revealed that the humanitarian disaster in Gaza has worsened with the healthcare sector's collapse.

‘Allow life-saving supplies to flow into the area’ — Ghazaleh
She joined Tuwaijri in a press conference, decrying the indiscriminate shelling by the Israeli occupation in all Gaza neighborhoods, which violates international law and humanitarian conventions. Ghazaleh implored the international community to intervene promptly to halt the unprecedented war and humanitarian catastrophe, allowing life-saving supplies to flow into the area.

She urged swift action to protect Gaza's civilians, highlighting the ongoing humanitarian crisis due to recent dangerous escalations, Israel's blockade, power and resource shortages, and the prevention of humanitarian aid to civilians. Israeli aggression has devastated hospitals, schools, places of worship, and homes, resulting in the deaths and injuries of thousands, particularly women and children.

 The occupying power's policy of collective punishment includes the intentional targeting of civilians and the destruction of homes, leading to mass displacement. The healthcare sector has collapsed, overwhelmed with patients, and lacks essential medical supplies and fuel, given the multitude of injuries caused by ongoing violations.

The number of casualties, displaced, and assaults on healthcare
Ghazaleh cited United Nations statistics, revealing that approximately 70 percent of casualties in Gaza are children, women, and the elderly. The sector hosts around one million internally displaced individuals, including 513,000 seeking refuge in UNRWA facilities. The World Health Organization has documented 59 attacks on healthcare workers and 69 assaults on healthcare facilities, with over 37 healthcare workers killed and many injured. 32 ambulances have been damaged, and seven hospitals have ceased their services. Ghazaleh underscored that if the inhumane situation in Gaza persists, it will lead to unimaginable suffering, resembling the severe tragedy and massacre at Al-Mashtal Hospital, where hundreds of women and children were killed during its bombardment.

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