Gaza: Over 11,000 casualties, including 4,000+ children, since Oct. 7

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GAZA – On Sunday, the government media office in the Gaza Strip reported that the number of casualties had surged to over 11,000, including more than 4,000 children. The count of injuries had risen to just over 28,000, marking 37 days of the siege.اضافة اعلان

During the daily press conference, a stark emphasis was placed on the deliberate targeting by the Israeli occupation forces of children, women, civilians, and even safe houses. This unfolds in tandem with the worsening humanitarian conditions resulting from the brutal massacre and the persistent blockade on the Gaza Strip over the past 17 years, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

1,142 massacres, over 3,000 missing
The statement provided detailed insight, revealing that the total number of massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces had reached 1,142, with 3,250 individuals reported missing. Among them, 1,700 children are still believed to be under the rubble.

Amid the concentrated targeting of hospitals by the Israeli occupation army, specifically the intimidation of medical crews, 22 hospitals and 49 health centers have been rendered inoperative due to the ongoing aggression. Additionally, 53 ambulances were targeted.

Intensive care unit at Al-Shifa hospital was directly struck
The government further elucidated that the Israeli occupation forces directly struck the intensive care unit at Al-Shifa Hospital, resulting in the destruction of a portion of it. Furthermore, the top floor of the surgery building was bombed, with the occupation army targeting the maternity building using a shell, causing a fire in the adjacent area to the kidney department.

A technical worker was injured directly in the neck as he moved between surgeriesThe statement revealed that occupation forces targeted a technical worker directly, injuring him in the neck as he moved between the surgery buildings to address a power outage issue. Furthermore, a group of Palestinians, risking their lives, left the eastern hospital gate and were immediately shelled. Unfortunately, medical crews were unable to evacuate the martyrs and the wounded due to the occupation's relentless targeting of anything in motion within the compound.

Occupation forces also targeted a patient in his room, resulting in fractures in the shoulder bones. Additionally, the occupation bombed the oxygen pipelines leading to the maternity and surgery departments and targeted the cardiology department.

Tragically, it was confirmed that two children were killed in Al-Khadraj in Al-Shifa Medical Complex, and a patient in intensive care was lost. Five wounded individuals were also lost, as medical crews were unable to save their lives due to the cessation of operating rooms.

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