100 bodies decompose at Al Shifa Hospital waiting for burial

al shifa
(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA – The Palestinian Minister of Health Mai Al-Kaila, exposed the dire situation at the Al Shifa medical complex, where attacks were taking place on a daily basis and conditions had reached breaking point as a hundred decomposing bodies lay in the courtyard as medical teams waited for a safe chance to bury them. اضافة اعلان

“Their corpses have begun to decompose in Al-Shifa hospital yard, with some being attacked by stray dogs,” she said, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.

She affirmed that medical teams within the hospital are unable to move between the hospital's sections and buildings as drones fire upon anyone moving within the complex.

Kaila highlighted a catastrophe occurring in hospitals where patients are dying without receiving their treatments, such as kidney dialysis patients, both children and adults, who are passing away at home without their necessary dialysis sessions.

Furthermore, the Minister confirmed the death of 12 patients within the Shifa Medical Complex due to power cuts and medical supply shortages, including two newborns.

“The patients and wounded cannot access the Shifa Medical Complex; many of them have lost their lives either bleeding out or due to the lack of receiving essential medicines and treatments.”

She said occupying forces do not evacuate hospitals; rather, they cast out the wounded and patients onto the streets to face imminent death, asserting that it's not evacuation but expulsion under the threat of arms.

Kaila stated that all cancer patients, around 3,000 individuals receiving treatment at Rantisi and Turkish hospitals, have been left to die after being evacuated by the Israeli occupation.


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