Al-Shifa Hospital says they can’t cope with the daily number of cases

(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA – The director of Al-Shifa Medical Hospital in Gaza, Mohammed Abu Salimia, said on Thursday that no healthy healthcare system with resources could cope with the daily number of casualties and injuries due to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. اضافة اعلان

Al-Mamlaka reported that the hospital’s capacity has been exceeded, with surgeries conducted on the ground without anesthesia and patients placed on the floor.

A tent has been set up in front of the emergency department to receive more casualties, but the hospital can no longer admit more patients. Abu Salimia mentioned that the hospital is unable to perform surgeries except for life-saving cases.

He also pointed out the potential for the spread of diseases and wound infections in the hospital, especially with 40-50 displaced individuals within and around the hospital's premises.

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