Abbas says Middle East peace only possible when Palestinians get full rights

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. (File photo: Jordan News)
NEW YORKPalestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said on Thursday that Middle East peace was not achievable until the Palestinians are granted "full rights", an apparent reference to a possible US-brokered normalization deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia. "Whoever thinks peace in the Middle East is possible before our people achieve their full right is wrong," Abbas said in a speech at the UN General Assembly.اضافة اعلان

Abbas criticized Israeli's "racist right-wing government" for its occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

"Those who think that peace can prevail in the Middle East without the Palestinian people enjoying their full legitimate and national rights would be mistaken," he said

He continued, "As I stand before you here, the Israeli racist right-wing government continues its attacks on our people, and through its army and its racist terrorist settlers, continues to intimidate and kill our people, destroy homes and property, steal our money and resources, and detain the bodies of the martyrs. This is being done in full view of the world, and without any deterrence, punishment, or accountability, and the leaders and ministers of this government have even been bragging about their apartheid policies on our people under occupation."

Abbas emphasized the Israeli government's practice of "assaulting our Islamic and Christian sacred sites" in Jerusalem, including "feverishly digging tunnels under and around Al-Aqsa Mosque, threatening its collapse."

In an appeal to the UN member states, Abbas called on the U.S. and European States to recognize Palestine and for the UN to grant Palestine full-membership status. It also called for resolutions to protect Palestinians from "the constant aggression of the occupation army and the terrorist Israeli settlers."

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