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ARIES: Do your best to be prepared for anything since you never know who may call or arrive at your doorstep. Following a whim could give you a taste of some exciting experiences. Try to avoid extravagant overspending right now.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: A painter can create dozens of paintings in various lights and in all different settings. There is not a single, definite, or correct way to see the world. You may be free to express your unique vision of the world.

GEMINI: You may have the spare time to begin a creative project that you could have been putting off for a while. Enjoying time with family and friends could be your top priority. The best things in life are often free.

CANCER: Group outings can be fun. You may need some support or encouragement that could only come from those who share your excitement. Trying to tackle a difficult problem by yourself might be a source of frustration.

LEO: You could be surprised how easy it can be to clear up a misunderstanding if you are willing to hear out the other person. Do your best to not admonish someone who seemingly fritters away their cash on transitory pleasures.

VIRGO: There may be something missing that cannot be satisfied by bringing another television season or reading the same book again. Now could be a wonderful time to take up a new hobby or have an outing with a loved one.

LIBRA: You might have unexplored potentials; enjoy some adventures that may enhance your confidence. You are happy to share but there could be someone who wants to take advantage of your generosity, so proceed with caution.

SCORPIO: Even if you miss the ball, your teammates could be there to pick you back up and get the game back on track. You could feel happiest and more at home within the safety of a group that is working together towards a similar goal.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be in your element if you can get out and mingle with people from diverse backgrounds. You might enjoy gatherings that are focused on a common cause, be open to making some new friends.

CAPRICORN: You may tend to place your own interests first usually, but someone else’s needs might need to take priority right now. You could be ready to enjoy some fun outings with loved ones or friends.

AQUARIUS: You need to put yourself in the right place at the right time; if you promised to show up, honor the commitment. Someone could be waiting for a chance to show you their affection. Romantic relationships might make a move forward.

PISCES: You might have dreams that encourage you to explore other options. Put your personal ambitions on the back burner for now and spend some time delving into possibilities. Keep an eye out for the beginnings of a new friendship.

IF OCTOBER 28 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Use your good judgment and wisdom to try and sidestep tricky situations during the coming two to three weeks. You may be willing to forgive someone who steps on your toes to avoid further problems. In late November, your friendly demeanor could attract new contacts or give you a starring role in group meetings. Your business sense and confidence in finances could be enhanced in December, when you can implement profitable strategies. A desire for material success and recognition could be a motivating force in January, when you may be willing to work hard to prove you are a responsible person and deserve credit for your accomplishments. You may receive recognition in late January or early February or could be in a perfect position to accept an opportunity for advancement. Your foresight allows you to make wise and beneficial decisions.

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