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ARIES: Regardless of what the letters after your name mean, people may often assume that credentials mean you are very qualified and thus more valuable. Paper proof of your accomplishments can pay you back in unexpected ways.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: When looking at art, you may often hear someone say they can do that too. Just like painting a masterpiece, every example of excellence comes from skill and practice. Avoid imitation and create your own beautiful works.

GEMINI: You may be well-versed at your job, but still not get the promotions. It might be a matter of experience. Calling a friend for advice could help ease your mind but obtaining the right credentials can help elevate your status.

If you continue to work hard someone could reward you with something you really want. Save your money so you can afford to make your dreams a reality. Avoid risky investments or impulse purchases; let your assets grow.

LEO: Bills must be paid, and questions answered whether a muse moves you or not. You may not be in a position to afford to wait for inspiration. Staring at a blank screen, canvas or page can move you a step closer to finishing.

VIRGO: The odds are that anything unusual could gain some unpleasant attention now. You might need to keep things packed away until better times come along. In the meantime, keep planning, preparing, and organizing.

LIBRA: Success without planning can be like flying without wings. It could be done, but it takes a lot more effort and is not the most stable. Before things spiral out of control write down your plan and investigate your destination.

SCORPIO: In formal competition, plays may be strategic and foreseeable. In the game of life, rules may end up ignored. Don’t justify someone’s questionable behavior or go down a materialistic path yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: Remain a good citizen and friend of Mother Earth whenever possible. Reuse, recycle, repurpose, and even consider joining an advocacy group. Your friendships can grow stronger through a shared love of nature.

CAPRICORN: Welcome inspiring and imaginative ideas into your life. If you have room in your heart for idealism and sympathy, you can handle any criticism. You should respect other viewpoints even if you do not agree.

AQUARIUS: Through careful examination of the facts, you can prevent mistakes. You may easily see the drawbacks of a proposal or social commitment. Apply your common sense to acquire useful things that could stand the tests of time.

PISCES: Failure to plan can become planning to fail. Dig down into your self-discipline to improve your preparatory skills. Do the planning and take all the actions needed to get the best results.

IF OCTOBER 4 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You could be wiser than usual during the next three to four weeks. This could be a potentially good time to accept an offer, launch important plans, ask for favors, or receive helpful advice from professionals. Since you may be buoyed up on a cloud of inspiration you could envision a brighter future, take a vacation, or enjoy romantic outings that can lift your spirits. Make the most of helpful stars while you can. Glide through November and December by working on achieving your goals. Your leadership skills and talents as a role model can be accentuated in December so you may excel in constructive activities. Your business acumen may be at a peak in January, so focus on investment analysis and developing money-making strategies. Your optimism and good judgment could be enhanced in February when much could be accomplished.

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