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ARIES: Your intense focus on being properly prepared can provide the solid foundation you need to take on larger responsibilities. Concentrate on thoroughly knowing the material. You could be ready to face any surprises.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Someone may encourage you to attempt a risky enterprise or daring feat. Try not to take on more than you can manage right now. Ask yourself if you are being completely realistic about your actions or goals.

GEMINI: Your words could receive attention from others so you may feel the need to hide your true intentions. Dealing with other people with honesty and sincerity can bring you self-satisfaction and strengthen your reputation.

CANCER: No one may be looking over your shoulder to ask for your project, they might not even know it exists yet. It could be entirely up to you whether your dreams end up in your junk drawer or becoming something new and exciting.

LEO: The world is vast and full of wonders, but you do not have to limit yourself to what you find. If what you want is not out there it may be up to you to make it. You can bring your dreams to life if you remain realistic.

VIRGO: It may be time to take a break. Anything you can do to occupy your days could be better than leaping into your new project. Aspects of your plan might still need to be refined before everything properly meshes together.

LIBRA: You may be challenged to juggle several conflicting priorities right now. It might be up to you to learn how to multitask and control the outcome. You could learn how to improve your finances or make headway with investments.

SCORPIO: You might be facing too many options and may want to shut down rather than decide. Refusing to choose can mean everyone loses. Take note of what you are not able to give up and you could face the decision head on.

SAGITTARIUS: When you reach out to people for help or funding, they may want a list of your accomplishments. Failures might not look as bad as walking away from projects entirely. Do your best to demonstrate how dedicated you are to success.

CAPRICORN: Significant accomplishments may be possible because you have the stamina to keep going despite obstacles. You could find that people can grant favors or overlook your mistakes if you are obviously giving your best.

AQUARIUS: The world could be bringing things into a position for you to move forward. It can be up to you to recognize the possibilities no one else has seen. Even you may be amazed at the results once you put all the pieces together.

PISCES: Issues may be developing. The dispute might not just be who gets the last piece anymore, it could be who gets the latest promotion. Squabbling can only make everyone look bad, so it is wiser to cooperate.

IF OCTOBER 11 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may experience a positive turning point in the upcoming two to three weeks when it could be possible to make a beneficial change in your job or earn the trust of a prospective romantic partner. Avoid engaging in casual flings or investment schemes in November when your gullibility may be at a high point, although a dream vacation or romantic getaway weekend built for two could satisfy your longing for inspiration. Your enthusiasm and leadership skills could be highlighted in December when you might receive recognition for your achievements. Play fair and remember to be polite in January and February when your competitiveness and business ambitions could outstrip your manners. A change of heart can place strain on a key relationship in March. Avoid making impulsive decisions or challenging a loved one to prove their commitment.

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