Vaccination drive altered amidst delayed shipments

Vaccination Drive
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AMMAN — The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health for Primary Health Care and Epidemics Dr. Raed Al-Shboul has confirmed a delay in the shipment of vaccines intended for use in the national vaccination campaign until October 25. This delay will result in the postponement of the national campaign, as stated by the Minister of Health, likely to the first or second week of next November.اضافة اعلان

Shboul added that the need for this vaccination campaign arose due to a significant number of measles cases reported in neighboring countries in April of the previous year, numbering in the thousands. This is a cause for concern, as measles is a viral respiratory disease with an infection rate ranging from 1 to 3 cases per thousand individuals, FactJo reported.

A high number compared to international standards
He went on to report that as of September 30, the Kingdom had recorded 163 cases of measles, a high number compared to international standards.

Irbid had the highest amount of cases
These cases were distributed across various governorates, with Irbid accounting for 60 percent, Amman with 22 percent, Zarqa for 11 percent, and other governorates showing varying and lower percentages.

118,500 people were successfully vaccinated
He explained that the initial stage targeted residents of mobile housing units, and successful outreach was achieved through cooperation with administrative governors and the local community. Of the estimated 120,000 individuals in this category, 118,500 were successfully vaccinated, representing an impressive rate of 98.5 percent.

The second stage aims to vaccinate students aged 10 and above, providing them with a booster dose and additional protection to safeguard against the disease, in addition to the doses they previously received.

The third stage focuses on nurseries, kindergartens, youth centers, and correctional facilities.

In regards to the safety and efficacy of vaccines, Shboul explained during an interview with the General Security Radio (GSD) that when the Ministry imports vaccines, it takes into consideration the specific characteristics of these vaccines, their safety, effectiveness, and the methods of shipping. Additionally, the Ministry ensures the availability of suitable storage facilities and refrigerators to maintain the required temperatures for vaccine preservation.

He also highlighted the existence of specialized vaccine transport companies with specific specifications designed to ensure the safe preservation of vaccines.

He further emphasized that the Ministry of Health is open to providing necessary information about these vaccines from reliable sources, underscoring that Jordan has not been and will not be a testing ground for any experimental procedures.

Shboul emphasized that the primary goal of this campaign is to reach a healthy and immunized society. He noted that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination coverage rates dropped to 76 percent of the target population in 2020, increased to 86-87 percent in 2021, and reached 91 percent in 2022. The Ministry aims to achieve a vaccination coverage rate of 97 percent to effectively eliminate the disease.

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