Royal support stimulates Jordan's textile sector-Stakeholder

Royal support stimulates Jordan's textile sector-Stakeholder
Amman  - Representative of the leather industries and knitting sector at Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI), Ehab Qadri expressed "remarkable" appreciation for His Majesty King Abdullah II's efforts, interest and support for the industry, stressing that this vision gives operating companies a "strong" impetus to maintain operations and expand investments.اضافة اعلان

In remarks to "Petra" Saturday, Qadri said His Majesty opened a BIA Textile Company his visit to Mafraq governorate, which affirms his constant interest in developing the leather and knitting industries sector and following up on implementation of the Royal directives and visions on the ground.

The King inaugurated the company in King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area (KHBTDA), one of the largest investments in the central city, with an investment volume of $149 million.

The company will employ 320 workers in the first phase, including 120 Jordanians, while in the second phase, which will be completed by the end of 2025, is expected to recruit about 850 additional people, including 300 Jordanians.

Qadri stated that the company comes at the heart of implementing a "key and prominent" initiative and pillar of the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) targeting the sector.

Qadri added that this axis is related to creating complementary industries that contribute to enhance the country’s economic growth and provide job opportunities.

Additionally, he noted the vision seeks to replace expatriates with Jordanian workers and create new job opportunities for Jordanians within the vision's implementation period, which amounted to about 149,000 job opportunities, out of a million jobs during the next ten years.

Noting the sector's "great" economic and social importance, he said this position comes from the "huge" levels of employment of the local workforce, which exceed the barrier of 27,000 workers out of a total of about 89,000, while this industry is considered the "highest" business in employing women at a rate currently standing at 67.2%.

During the last decade, he noted 29 production branches were launched in Jordan's underprivileged areas, which provided more than 10,000 job opportunities, while the number of establishments operating in the sector witnessed "significant" jumps, reaching 1,000 businesses, compared to 600 entities at end of the last century.

Referring to the sector's "great" potential for investment expansion, employment and exports, he indicated that these opportunities will contribute to creating more than 33,000 job opportunities, including 21,000 jobs directly and the rest indirectly, as it stimulates a slew of other industrial and economic industries.

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